Friday, December 30, 2011

Most Women enjoy Cocks....

Wednesday I was called out on a Junk haul..  I arrived in a little community outside of San Antonio where every house had a Virgin Mary, or is it Lady of the Guadalupe??? Shrine in the front yard.  I have nothing against that at all...just think it's special for some people, and others tend to not expose it so much. 

I did find this handsome COCK!  Check out his photo...

Since I'm not so much into Cock fighting or roosters....I think it was only appropriate to turn my handsome Cock into a lovely lady...

check out her photo...

Isn't she a DOLL?  she is now placed in my kitchen..I decided not to put her up for sale...just because I thought she was so dang purdy... but that could change in a few months since I'm always switching things around.

Oh...and If you see me around wearing this's cuz I'm working my rear off creating beautiful pieces of furniture for all my fabulous customers!!!  Thanks to all!! your Rock!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kiss me under the mistletoe

So I'm going to start writing short blogs!  But I assure you they will be packed with something interesting.  You know that guy?  "The most interesting guy in the world" from the Dos XX's commercials and ads?....Yeah..I'm kinda like that.

So it finally got 30 deg here in South Texas.  Therefore, I was outta work for a few days because I couldn't paint and I was too cold to work in my shed that has a busted out window.  But it's never boreing at my casa. 

Here are a few pics of some things I worked on while stuffed in my house.  And if you know what it's like to be an artist, OCD, ADD, talented person....then you can understand that there is NO such thang as sitting still or relaxing.

First up is a photo of the little centerpiece I created using vintage candle holders I picked up at The Chicken Coop in Floresville, Texas.  I had a craft mirror I was fixing to throw away and sat that on a pewter tray I had laying around and scattered some seashells and sandollars from our vacation this summer..and plastic ornaments from the Dollar General, and some vintage brouches too.  The candles sticks were picked up at the Dollar store too.

Then this pic is of the ugly hunk of junk that was sitting in our living room for 50 plus years.  We wanted to rip it down, but the previous owner carpeted around it...and unless we had thousands to replace the floors...we decided to keep the piece.  So I got ahold of it and did my thang!  Magic eh?  Well I found the old wood at different vintage shops around the area..and it just so happened that they all fit perfect.  I never even had a tape measure with me to make sure...God is always on my side!

Then I painted it an almond color, distressed it with my sander, and rubbed stain over it. I could kick myself in the butt for not taking a BEFORE photo!  But you would roll over and die if you saw what it looked like before...I assure you of that!

The Stockings were created from my old stockings and I covered them with burlap from a feed store and added some lace along with monogrammed charms for my family. 

Here is our TREE that sits in the living space.  I made the tree skirt from satin picked up at WalMart for $2.00 a yard and my old tree skirt.  My decor has changed dramatically since moving here 5 years ago.  But I spend 99% of my time at this house, so I decided to decorate it like my old little cottage house I lived in as a single gal.  I was only decorating it all masculine and dark colors because my husband begged me to not paint the walls pastel or add flowers.  Time goes on...and who ends up winning that argument... ; )


Whoo Hoo, Thanksgiving is over and now it's my favorite time of year!!  Christmas! 
First, I want to Thank all of my fabulous customers, Facebook fans, ect!  You guys have really helped me get my small business going!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Well, I finally did it!  I rented a space in a little vintage shop called The Chicken Coop in Downtown Floresville, Texas!  Yay!  So go on by and visit my gussied up spot...please. You will not be disappointed in this place!  As my daughter would say... "it's da bomb!"

The Chicken Coop is located at:
1006 C Street
Floresville, TX 78114

I've been crazy busy like flies on XXXX!  Love every 2nd of it and all of it!  I have GREAT passion for Junkin' and creating, and stepping back, looking at my work and saying "WOW"!  Even the hubs who insists that I just burn the junk...has complimented my work.  So in the joy of all this fun, I'm going to share some photos with you in my next few blogs.  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do you like to SwEaT? Cuz apparently I sure do...

WOW  it got super hot again today!  Ok, peeps..honestly, I'm really exhausted.  Two days of non stop heat, working in my garage on fancy pieces for knuckles are rubbed raw, I need a girly pedicure/manicure...and ACETONE to wash my driveway!  But I sooooo LOVE what I do, that it's all worth it!  I really hope it pays off???

I spent the last two days working outside on projects from 8:30 a.m. until Dark.  Minus having to stop a few times to load the washing machine and dryer, cook dinner, wash dishes, fold the laundry, clean toilets, ect, ect...You get the idea.  But I truly feel my work has really paid off and I step back and look at each of my pieces of work and think "Gosh dang, I really want to keep that for myself!"  But y'all deserve it  more than I  do, so enjoy it before it's gone!

This week got off to a tough start.  Hence, the furniture stain spill on my driveway!

Once I had someone tell me I am not normal (imagine that?) because I had the most clean garage with nothing stored, or messy inside it, and I could actually park my car in it.  Well, since I've become a somewhat hoarder preparing for my next show, my garage looks like this.  It's really embarrassing and scary!  But hey Y'all, we are Junkers, so this is normal right?

Gosh, I still got  quite a bit to do.  All of this is just waiting for my pretty little, gypsy hands to fondle.  So I sure hope it all turns out nice.

When I said this week got of to a tough start, I was being honest.  So it took a lot of yell'n at this man, but he finally broke down and helped me out a bit.  If he would just buy me my own tools, we wouldn't have an issue.  Y'all, I've been running a skill saw since I was about 8 years old.  Hint, Hint...Christmas is coming up!!! I wonder if they make pink skill saws, If not, I will settle for any other funky color.  But if this guy doesn't know to buy me pink tools, than we should have probley never gotten married.  : )

Alright, enough of all that bull crap...let's get to the fun thangs!.... Below are photos of items I have for sale.  They are all gorgeous, share a wild, road traveler story, and mean a lot to each one of my pieces of art has a place in my heart!  (hey that freakin rhymes!)
 Here is a BEFORE photo of a chair I snagged.

Hey Sweets, here is the chair AFTER!  Nice right?  It would look great in your CASA!  A wonderful price of $61.95!!

How many of y'all read fancy magazines?  such as Country Living, Better Homes & Garden, Flea Market find, and of course Cosmo, and Glamour Magazine right?
Brace yourself Rebel Road Sistas, brothas and better make sure that FEather extension in your hair is secured extra tight once you check this out!  So I've got this crazy Funky, coral colored Magazine holder up for grabs.  You should have seen it before.   When I saw it, and stole it from this guy that had it in his cart....I already thought it was beautiful, even though it was disgusting ugly!

How many of us need a small end table by the sofa, or bed, or patio or wherever and can NEVER find it???  I've come across this little "problem" a million times.  So when I fought the vintage dealer over this beauty...of which I WON...and nabbed it..I was debating if I should keep it or not.  But, I've decided it's best to pass on to you beautiful folks.  Once again, this little thang was ugly as sin and I painted it, and distressed it to give it "our" look.

The other day I posted a photos of a Tattered Lamp I created.  Well, have I got a treat for ya!  I created another one, but this time, I decided to add a little more of a "funky" side to it.  This lamp is available for $54.95.  How great would this look in your "blah" home?

Oh and how much do we love photos and all those WONDERFUL memories?  I love photos.  I feel the need to display all my fun and beautiful memories.  There just isn't enough space in my home to showcase them all.  It's sad, because I'm just a picture person!!!  Especially candid ones.  So I have all these gorgeous photo blocks available.  All different colors..and I have blocks that fit 4 X 6 photos and 5 X 7 photos.  Picture a beautiful classic black and white photo placed on these blocks. This one was created today!

It's all beautiful!  And so it tonight!  So Peace out and XoXO!

See ya soon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A cure for the soul! JUNK!

Fellow Shabby Junker Gals and Guys...Ive got a treat for you!

For the next several weeks I will be posting pics of items I have created.  Probley won't be doing a whole lotta typing with all that just due to the fact that "pics speak a thousand words" and can "do their thang" on their own. 

I've been working extra hard workin on my projects for my upcoming FALL show at the Twice Upon a Lady consignment get together.  Workin so hard that I even ruined my driveway with furniture Stain.  I guess, that's a story too.  ha, ha!

Normally I write a super long blog...but tonight, it's all about the projects and photos as I know that is REALLY what you enjoy.

Each item I am featuring in this post has a little story and "trash to treasure" history.  And all for SALE.  If you would like to purchase you can email me at  I accept all major credit cards, and paypal.  No shipping available for furniture items.  So Sorry!!

Brace yourself and here we go:

First up, a chair I found hiding under a pile of junk!  I refurbished it, left the upholstery green, as green is a very Rebel, Gypsy, NEW, it color these days!  I changed the ugly original finish to something gorgeous!  The chair is in excellent vintage condition and is super comfy.  I know this because I do not want to part with it, so I sat in it for about an hour enjoying a cocktail on my patio.  Excellent price of $115.95 and will be available to purchase in New Braunfels at the Twice upon a Lady Sale coming up.  Unless someone purchases it before of course.

Second, I have this nice and SHABBY, TATTERED Lamp that is very classy and romantic for any bedroom, living room, or where ever you choose to host your romance.  ( I Love Romance!) Or the inner Junk Queen in ya.  This Blissful piece will also be available for purchase at the Twice upon a Lady Sale.  For a very wonderful price of $54.95

One thing I enjoy and love so much...and maybe because it's very dangerous, a threat to our health...and just not candles.  Candles are very pure, romantic, and mysterious. They can take anyone's skin type and turn it into the flawless airbrushed skin we see on those skinny, non-fed models.  Oh, and they usually make your house smell GREAT!  With that said, I created two new candelabras.  They are a truly unique type, as they are made out of something I pulled from rubbish.  And here we go.  First is a smaller table top type candelabra that is up for grabs at a price of $15.95.  The second, is a beauty and is $63.95.  The 2nd one is my fave!

That's all for this episode. Gotta get my beauty rest, so i can work and create all day tomorrow!  Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to showcasing some more beauties tomorrow.  Maybe I will have another FUNNY story to tell. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diva's, Junquers, Rebels, and shoppers....Twice Upon a Lady Consignment Sale in New Braunfels, TX


You don't want to miss this gig LADIES!  A huge, huge sale coming up in the Gorgeous, one of the most Famous Texas towns called New Braunfels!  Hurry and MAP it now, and make sure to put this on your calendar with ALERTS!

Twice Upon a Lady is hosting a HuGE consignment sale with Vendors, and Entertainment!  That's right.....VENDORS & ENTERTAINMENT!!!   Guess who will be there?  None other than your Favorite, Funky Rebel w/o a cause, fellow Junquor.....Shabby Junque Couture designer, Crystal! 

Visit for all that fancy print to view the date and times, along with location, location, location.  Snag your REBEL ROAD SISTAS, and put on your shopping linens, cowgirl boots, stillettos,top hats,  and come visit us!

Yes, I will be one of the vendors showcasing some of my fabulous pieces that have just been created.  Wait for SOUTH Texas, hot as HELL (but none of us know what HELL feels like right, because we are all Angels.  Ok, our horns hold the Halo)   Home Garage...with no AC.... in the 200 deg temps!  

Lots of sweat, and Tears have been poured into my work, and I will continue to keep pouring until the days of the event.  I'm excited to share some of my fabulous art, furniture, home decor, odds/ends.  If ya like, bring me a glass of wine...I prefer a Riesling.   I will also have my REBEL appointment book.  So you can book a consultation with me for a new design, or letting me FIX up that piece you just keep staring at with a blank look. 

 Or if it's a hunk of JUNK you can't stand anymore, I will be glad to come take it from you so you can stop looking at it. If it's broke, that's FINE & DANDY cuz most of the time I can use that for parts.

Let me just add that because I love what I do so much, It's very hard for me to part with each one of my pieces.  I have a fun and exciting story that always follows my work and each item I create.  But I don't want to become a It's best I pass onto you.  Each piece is created with Love, and devotion to a very unique FETISH.  You know the kind that involves a GYPSY soul and understanding of an incredible talent?

Now, because I'm going alone...You know, cuz someone has to stay and watch my kids...(the hubby), I will not be bringing my super large items, such as a super Shabby Entertainment Armoire.  But, because I know you all love it so much, I will have an album created with the larger pieces I have up for GRABS, along with some of my before and after photos.  And my personal portfolio of work I have done for clients.   This will give ya the chance to purchase as well.

This crazy gal will have some items such as unique photo frames, end tables, coffee table, lamps, lamp shades, mirrors, unique chalk boards created from things you never could have imagined being a chalk board.  Lots of fun, funky, shabby, whimsey, crazy stuff too.  Some of the colors I've been using are of course White, ivory, coral, turquoise, sage, robin's egg,  blue, black, pink, pink, pinks..cuz it's my fave color! All aged and distressed for your crazy taste. 

In order to achieve the most unique, one of kind item, I spend days and hours (in this heat 111 deg today), rummaging for vintage jewelry, buttons, lace, linens, books, tiarras, VAMP up that cute and shabby center piece for your HOLIDAY cheer party, or your ROMANTIC bedroom, and of course whatever room in the house you run to CHILL at so you don't take your frustrations out on your spouse or kids. 
(but none of us ever do that right?)

 I've collected sea shells from our FABULOUS beaches in TEXAS and MEXICO! I use the shells to, I guess you call it DECORATE different things. 
How about deer horns?  Any of you like those?  Did you know you can add deer horns to your decor w/o making it look too rustic?  Deer horns are no longer limited to a man or being rugged and rustic.  They can be very ROMANTIC and feminine as well.  And let's be honest with ourselves, this is SOUTH TEXAS...I'm pretty sure most of us REBELS/DIVAS/Gypsies/Junquors all own some type of  .243 OR 22 rifle, and have a HUNTIN License and a concealed Handgun License!  But If not, that's okay too, because I've got a little of everything.

I do not own or rent a building to have an actual physical store.  But, I am interested in a vendor spot in a shop if you know of someone needing a vendor???  HELP!

Once Again

I also have a side job as a Thirty One Gifts consultant.  But ladies, we've got a fellow Consultant already showcasing our beauties at this shin dig.  So I will not be there to make a sale on my Thirty One products.  You can however, click on the Thirty one link above and it will direct you to my website.

All major credit cards are accepted.  Including American Express.  The receipt will be emailed to you, cuz I don't have a printer.  haaaaa!  I also accept cash and checks with
a valid DL #.



Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Fancy-fied on a Saturday night...

Occasionally, I put my rebel side on the shelf and get all Fancied up.  Not often, but I guess it keeps it exciting when I actually do.  Ok, Ok...So the rebel side never gets put on the shelf, but I do contain myself a time or two. 

Yesterday was a very big day for one of our Family members.  Our little cousin is all grown up and became a Bride.  She is also a graduate with her Master's degree from UT!  Hook em Horns!  It was a very fun and relaxing wedding.
Most of you that see me daily, see me as pretty darn worn out lookin'.  I usually have paint splattered all over my body or on my clothing. It's unusual to see me wearing make-up or something nice.  If it isn't paint, it's sweat or whatever food particles were left on me from carrying around the toddler guy.  I've just learned to accept it since I know I'm a hard worker.  It also gives the so called "lurker" in my neighborhood something to drive by and look at.

SOOOOO, I wanted to share my little story behind my "little black dress".  I guess about a year ago, I was supposed to go to a BUNCO party with a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Theme.  So I started looking on Ebay for a LBD.  I found this one and was happy with it, and it was the right size.  (ok so I thought?)  I paid $8.50 plus shipping for the dress.  When it arrived it was in NEW condition with the price tags still attached.  The original price was $108.00.  No LIE!  It's also a Ralph Lauren dress.  I'm assuming it may have been purchased at a Bridal shop as a Bridesmaid dress??  Also, It didn't fit until just now.  DANG, FINALLY!  I even had to have some alterations done to it.  YIPPEE!

I was a little skeptical of wearing a strapless.  Still not brave enough for that after having the Toddler boy 2 years ago.  So I added my own touch to it by sewing the black lace on it as a halter top.  Then I added some lace to the back of it for some scalloped detail.  It was so much prettier this way!  And I was way more comfortable.  I packed up my cowgirl boots, but never had the oppurtunity to wear them.  My little man got exhausted after dancing with all the HOT chicks and was ready to leave before I could ever pull them on.  : (

Next up was my daughter's dress.  We were on a MISSION and stopped in at Dillard's one afternoon.  We saw the clearance rack and snagged this fuchsia beauty in her size (it was the only one like it) for a whole $10.49.  It was a little plain.  My darlin' princess had the idea of adding the lace around the sash and the bottom of her dress.  She also stole one of my vintage broaches off my lamp shade and pinned it onto the center of the sash for some "BLINGING" attitude!  I purchased 4 yards of Lace at the local Wal-Mart for $1.29 a yard.  And I still have a yard left!

My Daughter and I usually find our AWESOME jewels at a little shop called FRIENDS AND COMPANY in Floresville, TX located right off Highway 181.  You can't miss it, she has the crazy zebra, flamingo in her front yard!  Beda's shoes that are actually my shoes, were purchased at THE CHICKEN COOP in downtown Floresville.  And my fancy footsie covers are a steal from ROSS.  Also, both Beda and I have rhinestone flower clips in our hair.

Final outcome and total of our dresses put together was less than $30, and I thought they were SMASHING!

Just a little note:  The outfit my son is wearing in this photo cost me more than mine and Beda's dress put together.  That's INSANE!  And men say women are expensive...PAALEEZ!

It was so much fun gettin all fancy!  The best part about it was the fact that I did not stress one minute over "what I was going to wear" to this shin-dig.  That alone made the day!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Design on a Dime...Oh wait, I don't even have a dime...

Most people that know me, know that I am big into working in my yard.  It's something I've been doing since I was a little kid. I've always enjoyed it to the most extreme.  In fact, It's some of the best memories. 
My Dad and I would usually spend our weekends outside working in the yard.  He would yell at me and such for turning the lawn mower off and having it back fire...but I know he truly appreciated the help he got from me.  My Mom used to tell me this story about how when she was younger, she would mow the grass and the wheel would keep falling off as she made her rounds.  I've had that experience a few times as well. My brother and I had this old riding lawn mower w/o a deck.  So my Dad would hook up another push lawn mower w/o the handles to the back of the riding one.  We called it our "Shredder".  I remember even having to pull the start cord to get the lawn mower started. 

 Because I enjoyed it so much then, I always looked forward to having a family to work in the yard with as I got older.  Well, I've got my family now, but no help!  Both my Husband and Daughter are really busy.  Just Gunnar..and he is 2, so most of the time the work I do outside is triple the work.  But I love the fact that he is my right-hand-man and I know one day he will be a hard worker too!  Maybe he wants to do all of it since I always had him strapped to my back or in my arms while I was mowing when he was an infant.  You know us Momma's?  We are pretty determined to get things done! onto the photos.  I'm listing several photos of my work that I've done in my own yard.  I live in South Texas where it's 100 degrees in January, and in a town where the dirt is not dirt, it's clay or concrete.  So some of my solutions were to plant all the flowers, plants, ect in pots.  Well, I think pots are boring and can really make your yard look cluttered and I added my own touch to a few areas. 

First up, this was a flower bed that used to be solid Oleanders.  They were a gorgeous hot pink color.  My husband didn't like it, so he pulled them all out with a Tractor one day...w/o my permission. 

He said they were poisonous!  Yes, I realize that, but I don't think my dog or kids were going to be sitting there chomping on the oleanders.  Anyways, After 3 years of looking at that boring area w/o my oleanders and getting frustrated and mad at my husband, I took matters into my own hands.( I don't like to wait on anyone).  Plus this is a full sun area.  When you have a full sun area, you need to make sure that you buy and purchase plants, shrubs, ect that can take at least 8 hours of the West sun.  You need to read the labels on the plants and see the temperature settings that the plant can handle too.  This way, it takes away from a plant dieing or burning up and you having to spend more and more money on plants each year. Or you could hire me to do all that for you. These pictures were taken when I first completed the project in April.  Everything is almost over grown now, and I will post those pics at a later date.  FYI, I'm looking for a metal chicken roost, house, you know the thing the chicks lay their eggs hang on my old fence.  So if anyone has one at a decent price, contact me  PALEEEEEZ!

I didn't want to use traditional garden pots as mentioned before.  So I went to "The Barn" in downtown Floresville.  I found 2 old trunks that the lady gave me a great deal on.  As mentioned in a before post, the trunks are great for all kinds of uses. 

I had this area of my yard that was pretty much dead.  It's just too hot and dry down here.  So instead of using dirt or mulch, I added river rock instead.  You can pretty much visit any outdoor material yard, and they will have a large selection of rock, mulches, flagstone, and all that fun and pretty stuff.  I got all my river rock from Pfiel's in Floresville, TX.  I even loaded, hauled it, and unloaded it on my own, with a shovel and in my Pathfinder!  now that's dedication!
I decided to use the rock here instead because it gets too much of the hot, west sun.

And since I'm kinda into the "trash" thing.  I found these cute garden stakes at our local Dollar store and just had to have them.  My husband would not allow me to place them in the front yard, so out by our back gate they went.  But actually, I enjoy seeing them there anyways.  So he had a good suggestion.  They are PINK, and a happy site!

I Love animals.  If I could save each and every one of them, I would.  But I also have the love for fish and turtles.  So I created this pond out of a tub I found for $10 at the Garden Party in Poth, TX.  Then I just used some flagstone, river rock, Shells collected on my honeymoon, and a garden pot I had laying around.  The fish are a joy to watch and my little man, Gunnar enjoys feeding them.  Also, Buddy, my dog has fallen in a few times trying to catch them.  He always stops by the pond on the way out to do his "business".  The Cat could care less about the fish.  When I went to clean the pond the other day, I noticed a large toad.  So I helped him out, only to be scared by an ugly SNAKE!  I hate snakes.  Sorry, but the snake didn't make it.  Ewe!  Since the fish are so happy to be my pets, they are sticking around and they are growing!  So with that said, it looks as though I will be building a very large pond soon.  Yay, a new project!


Buddy must have gotten thirsty after fishing by the pond, cuz I caught him doing this:

My little pond is nestled under a tree along the fence line in a flower bed.  I dug a trench by hand and with a grubbing hoe, to run the electric cord to the pump.  The grass has already grown back over it. 

So that is my backyard.  Of course it's huge but those are the pics from my projects.  Here are a few from my patio seating area.  We used to have a vintage coca-cola table and chairs out there.  But I'm more Shabby Chic, and wanted something Romantic Country.  So I searched on Craigslist until I came across this set in the photos.  The set was originally painted a poo poo brown., so i brushed each piece by hand with white paint.  This too was another trip that I had to tie the furniture on top of my Pathfinder.  it was funny.  I'm pretty sure the neighbors are very entertained by me.  Two of the larger chairs are from a garage sale, and one of the chairs is off the side of the road.  You will see a complete story on that one in another blog.

Thanks for visiting today!
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a party at the Flea Market...

"A flea market or swap meet is a type of bazaar where inexpensive or secondhand goods are sold or bartered"

A couple of weekends ago I decided to get away from the kids and head out to the local Flea Market.  I had a blast!  Did you know they serve beer?  Anyways, I went on a $100 budget..but spent a little of that on some drinks (oops).  When I left, my old hunk of junk pathfinder was loaded down and looked more like Sanford & son's  truck than the "Soccer Mom" car.  Oh well, I think it's fun and I could care less what most people think.  I guess it gives a whole new meaning to "junk in the trunk" ?

I purchased several items.  My favorite find of the day were three ugly (I saw the beauty in them) 1960's/70's looking dining room chairs. It brought back some good memories of our old house when I was growing up.  You know, the house with the Avocado Green appliances, floors, and dark wood panel walls?   It took me about 20 min to perfect them.  They were perfect!  I nabbed 3 of them.  That vendor was ready to make a deal..and I got a deal!

The next HOT find was a gorgeous wooden mirror.  It was heavy and solid!  Once again,it was a dark brown/wood color.  Which is great if you are into that.  But I chose to paint it white just due to the decor in my home.  Here's how that whole situation went down:  Me: "how much for the mirror?"  Vendor: "$35", so I went on my way because I was not going to pay that much for something I knew they didn't want to pack back up in their truck.  So I kept shopping.  A few beers later, and a full market cart i went back.  I asked them if they would go down on the price.  One of the guys said "yeah, your good looking enough."  He was driving off anyway.  So that left me with his buddy that I could tell was a sucker.  So I got him to sell me the mirror plus a pewter jewelry box all for $25!!  This mirror is great!  You can hang it in an entry way, add it to a dresser, or any wall space that needs "something".  I added it to an old credenza that I use in my living room to hold blankets, quilts, extra pillows, and sheets.

Then I found a bunch of beautiful candelabras and candle holders.

I'm in love with nature and birds.  I've always loved these cast iron bird baths.  They come in all kinds of sizes and styles.  You can find them pretty much anywhere.  Such as Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, ect.  Most of the time if you buy them at little shops they can get pretty pricey.  But the other places I listed them for sale them for
 $9.99 - $40.00.
I grabbed my little beauty at the flea market for $5.  I decided to place it on my table to hold my sugar substitute packages.  They also make GREAT candle holders or candy dishes.

My Partner in Crime and I came across some vendors that were selling some pretty neat lamps.  They were all metal and came with the shades.  These were great lamps for the patio.  This way when we get the south breeze blowing it doesn't knock down the lamp.  The base of the lamps were nice and heavy duty.  I grabbed my lamp for a whole $4.00.  To add my girly, shabby chic touch...I added some roses around the edge of the shade.  But watch out  when adding the roses or flowers yourself.  Because even at $1 a piece it will add up quick!

Trunks make great accessories in your home or on your porch/patio.  I found this pretty piece and decided to add it to my living room.  You can use it as a coffee table or a center piece to a room for when you have company over.  These are great multi functional pieces.  You can find vintage trunks at a variety of places.  If you plan to use it as a coffee table, you need to make sure you purchase one that doesn't have the dome top. 

 I was able to use it as a coffee table, but then it works great as a toy box or a storage solution as well.  It makes for easy access to Gunnar's toys and he doesn't have a problem opening and closing it.  However, watch out for those little fingers with your own children. 

Flea Markets are fun.  You really need to go with an open mind because you will find all kinds of things and see all kinds of people.  I've seen coffins for sale, sail fish replicas, and the hoochy momma's that wear short shorts, tanks, and big ole gold chains and bling, and their stillettos (really who is comfortable in that?).

 It can get hot and sweaty. (oo la, la)  Your best bet is to probley go without your children since you are ready to make some HOT deals!  That's all for now...until I visit the market again!  I'll keep you posted!