Thursday, September 27, 2012

Strange magnetic energy....

As most know I spent this past weekend in St. Louis, MO at the Joyce Meyer Women's conference.  I saw more miracles happen in the seats in front of me, than in my entire life!  My Mother and I took my daughter with us.  She didn't handle things too well the first day, but got into it Friday afternoon.  She came home a much happier and different person.  Even served several volleyball serves in a row and lead the team to win with the winning point the next day!!
Here are a few photos.  The one at the Arch is of my daughter.  she didn't realize I was secretly photographing her.  Then I decided to take one of my favorite quotes from the conference and make an inspiring photo out of it.
While attending the conference Joyce's team was allowing attendees to tweet on their twitter account using hashtag #WC12.  I spent the weekend posting our photos and experiences to the account.  I'm honestly not a twitter fan, but it was fun and much faster than trying to use FB.  Somehow I read a tweet asking prayers for BO.  So I responded with I will send prayers for BO even though I don't even know him.  I thought it was a man that needed some healing?  Well after the hustle and bustle, I went back through my tweets and started to see who this BO was.  After all, I couldn't get him off my mind.  To much of my surprise I discovered it's a handsome little boy fighting cancer.  So of course that touched my heart and yes I cried.  Because I'm emotional when it comes to kids.  Everyone that is a parent knows that your pain is usually multiplied by 2 million when your child is sick, or hurting.
Not being able to get this kiddo off my mind.  I prayed for him non stop on the flight home.  And I think about him everyday as if he was my own child.  Even worried.  You ask why this kiddo and not some that are suffering with the same thing closer to home.  Well, I'd answer that but I just don't know.  But have decided that it's God's will to keep me close to BO and his parents.  It is strange and wierd as this has never happened to me before.  At the conference Joyce mentioned that if we could adopt children and put them in good homes, or atleast Foster them until they can get into a nice family.  I thought to myself that I wish I could do that.  I have two children of my own and I spend 90% of my time as a single parent just because of my husband's job and him having to work hard for us.  So I know I would not be a very good parent if I adopted another child.  both of my children are my biological kids.  I have hesitated on going with Hand of Hope to other countries to help feed and care for kids that are in need.  The reason is because I don't feel I could emotionally handle it.  I would want to save all of them and bring them home.  I know my emotions would get in the way of handling my job assigned properly. 
So I kinda figured this whole "BO" situation was a sign from God that I should adopt him.  No not physically as he has incredible parents.  I mean with trying to find a way to help these folks that I only know from Twitter and now FB.  I'm not sure why God has him on my mind so much.  Not sure the plan, and that's ok, so I'm just going with it.  You never know.  It could be my prayer that pulls things together for them?  I don't know and by all means please continue to pray for BO and strength for his parents. 
Anyways.  I know I normally post silly stuff and such...but I've got plans for this little dude.  And I know praying for him is going to heal him.  Please click on the link and help donate.  Even if it's $1.  It does count.  Or if you can not financially donate, please pray for them and post encouraging words on his page or contact his parents to do so. 
Remember God is great and no matter what is going on in life, there is a great plan for you and YOU ARE GOD's MASTERPIECE!
Texas Antique week is happening!  So look out for posts and updates about all my adventures there!
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