Thursday, October 25, 2012

Using Vaseline in a kinky way. On Furniture

I'm not one to spend hours online researching new techniques.  I realize Pinterest is so common these days.  I still however do not get much information on there.  Other than the fact that it is FREE and I can look on there instead of having to buy a $5 magazine.  I enjoy trying the recipes off there and hair ideas, clothing etc.  Probley because none of those 3 things are my expertise. 
I get asked the question all the time "what technique did you use?"  Well seeing I didn't fund the school of arts.  I can honestly say I have no idea other than I "WING" it.  I never know what I'm going to do until I just start painting something.  Then it just comes naturally to me.  I can always tell when I'm having an off day because I will hate what I complete.  Therefore I set it aside and go back in a few days. Chances are after I left it alone in hiding for a few days I tend to LOVE it once I get back to it.
95% of my work involves distressing furniture.  It's what my clients and customers request.  I can't really define my style as I like to be versatile.  I think that comes with being the hopeless romantic that I am and then marrying a man that is all BOY.  He could care less about what shade is what and what comforter is put on the bed.  He's rustic and rough and I'm soft and sensual. 
I've been hearing a lot of talk about this Vaseline and wax stuff.  I have no clue what any of that is other than Vaseline can be a dirty word or if you were raised in the 60's or so, you used it to take off your eye make up.  Of which my Momma taught me that, so that is how I use Vaseline. 
But curiosity doesn't always kill the cat.  And I like stepping out on the plank every now and then and seeing what bites me.  so I grabbed a little jar of Vaseline. 
Aside it being slippery and messy.  I started with a good set of bones to work with.  I found this table while I took my day trip to Warrenton, Texas and purchased it from my good friends on the side of the road at Diamond in the Rough there in Rutersville.  Y'all know this place as it's where I've set up and sold my junk last Spring Antique Week.
Good set up bones.  Just had to wash all the bird poop off and the 90 years of dirt and dust.
Normally when I am out to distress I do not do any sanding of the item.  It makes it easy to peel the paint off and show the original color of the item.
I took the Vaseline and used my fingers to goop it up.  Then I just started slathering it onto the item where I think it would look cool to show the original color of the table.  Along the legs, edges, corners, and few spots on top.  It's pretty messy and oily. 
I grabbed the next color I wanted to apply to the table. Which was a green like color.  I would tell you the color but all the labels get rubbed off somehow.  I will assure you that it is NOT ASCP or CC caldwell as I am broke and I do not use those paints yet. I tend to use interior flat paint of any brand.
I painted that layer of paint over the entire table.  Then I came back and topped it off with my final color.  A yellowish something.  After the paint dried, I took a rag and whiped it down.  I had to use a little elbow grease in some spots.  Where ever there was Vaseline, the paint peeled right off exposing the original table color.  Gorgeous! 
After that I was in love and found how much easier that was than all the sanding, chipping, hammering, and such I normally do to distress.
After all that.  I let it dry a little more.  then I went back over it with MinWax Dark walnut stain.  It brought out the natural wood more and gave it an older more vintage look than just having a fresh coat of paint on there.
The final product turned out amazing and I am pleased with my NEW Vaseline technique!!
Crystal Wiatrek @ shabby Junque Couture
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