Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do you like to SwEaT? Cuz apparently I sure do...

WOW  it got super hot again today!  Ok, peeps..honestly, I'm really exhausted.  Two days of non stop heat, working in my garage on fancy pieces for knuckles are rubbed raw, I need a girly pedicure/manicure...and ACETONE to wash my driveway!  But I sooooo LOVE what I do, that it's all worth it!  I really hope it pays off???

I spent the last two days working outside on projects from 8:30 a.m. until Dark.  Minus having to stop a few times to load the washing machine and dryer, cook dinner, wash dishes, fold the laundry, clean toilets, ect, ect...You get the idea.  But I truly feel my work has really paid off and I step back and look at each of my pieces of work and think "Gosh dang, I really want to keep that for myself!"  But y'all deserve it  more than I  do, so enjoy it before it's gone!

This week got off to a tough start.  Hence, the furniture stain spill on my driveway!

Once I had someone tell me I am not normal (imagine that?) because I had the most clean garage with nothing stored, or messy inside it, and I could actually park my car in it.  Well, since I've become a somewhat hoarder preparing for my next show, my garage looks like this.  It's really embarrassing and scary!  But hey Y'all, we are Junkers, so this is normal right?

Gosh, I still got  quite a bit to do.  All of this is just waiting for my pretty little, gypsy hands to fondle.  So I sure hope it all turns out nice.

When I said this week got of to a tough start, I was being honest.  So it took a lot of yell'n at this man, but he finally broke down and helped me out a bit.  If he would just buy me my own tools, we wouldn't have an issue.  Y'all, I've been running a skill saw since I was about 8 years old.  Hint, Hint...Christmas is coming up!!! I wonder if they make pink skill saws, If not, I will settle for any other funky color.  But if this guy doesn't know to buy me pink tools, than we should have probley never gotten married.  : )

Alright, enough of all that bull crap...let's get to the fun thangs!.... Below are photos of items I have for sale.  They are all gorgeous, share a wild, road traveler story, and mean a lot to each one of my pieces of art has a place in my heart!  (hey that freakin rhymes!)
 Here is a BEFORE photo of a chair I snagged.

Hey Sweets, here is the chair AFTER!  Nice right?  It would look great in your CASA!  A wonderful price of $61.95!!

How many of y'all read fancy magazines?  such as Country Living, Better Homes & Garden, Flea Market find, and of course Cosmo, and Glamour Magazine right?
Brace yourself Rebel Road Sistas, brothas and better make sure that FEather extension in your hair is secured extra tight once you check this out!  So I've got this crazy Funky, coral colored Magazine holder up for grabs.  You should have seen it before.   When I saw it, and stole it from this guy that had it in his cart....I already thought it was beautiful, even though it was disgusting ugly!

How many of us need a small end table by the sofa, or bed, or patio or wherever and can NEVER find it???  I've come across this little "problem" a million times.  So when I fought the vintage dealer over this beauty...of which I WON...and nabbed it..I was debating if I should keep it or not.  But, I've decided it's best to pass on to you beautiful folks.  Once again, this little thang was ugly as sin and I painted it, and distressed it to give it "our" look.

The other day I posted a photos of a Tattered Lamp I created.  Well, have I got a treat for ya!  I created another one, but this time, I decided to add a little more of a "funky" side to it.  This lamp is available for $54.95.  How great would this look in your "blah" home?

Oh and how much do we love photos and all those WONDERFUL memories?  I love photos.  I feel the need to display all my fun and beautiful memories.  There just isn't enough space in my home to showcase them all.  It's sad, because I'm just a picture person!!!  Especially candid ones.  So I have all these gorgeous photo blocks available.  All different colors..and I have blocks that fit 4 X 6 photos and 5 X 7 photos.  Picture a beautiful classic black and white photo placed on these blocks. This one was created today!

It's all beautiful!  And so it tonight!  So Peace out and XoXO!

See ya soon!

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  1. Love what you did with the white chair. What did you paint on it prior to the white paint?