Thursday, September 8, 2011

A cure for the soul! JUNK!

Fellow Shabby Junker Gals and Guys...Ive got a treat for you!

For the next several weeks I will be posting pics of items I have created.  Probley won't be doing a whole lotta typing with all that just due to the fact that "pics speak a thousand words" and can "do their thang" on their own. 

I've been working extra hard workin on my projects for my upcoming FALL show at the Twice Upon a Lady consignment get together.  Workin so hard that I even ruined my driveway with furniture Stain.  I guess, that's a story too.  ha, ha!

Normally I write a super long blog...but tonight, it's all about the projects and photos as I know that is REALLY what you enjoy.

Each item I am featuring in this post has a little story and "trash to treasure" history.  And all for SALE.  If you would like to purchase you can email me at  I accept all major credit cards, and paypal.  No shipping available for furniture items.  So Sorry!!

Brace yourself and here we go:

First up, a chair I found hiding under a pile of junk!  I refurbished it, left the upholstery green, as green is a very Rebel, Gypsy, NEW, it color these days!  I changed the ugly original finish to something gorgeous!  The chair is in excellent vintage condition and is super comfy.  I know this because I do not want to part with it, so I sat in it for about an hour enjoying a cocktail on my patio.  Excellent price of $115.95 and will be available to purchase in New Braunfels at the Twice upon a Lady Sale coming up.  Unless someone purchases it before of course.

Second, I have this nice and SHABBY, TATTERED Lamp that is very classy and romantic for any bedroom, living room, or where ever you choose to host your romance.  ( I Love Romance!) Or the inner Junk Queen in ya.  This Blissful piece will also be available for purchase at the Twice upon a Lady Sale.  For a very wonderful price of $54.95

One thing I enjoy and love so much...and maybe because it's very dangerous, a threat to our health...and just not candles.  Candles are very pure, romantic, and mysterious. They can take anyone's skin type and turn it into the flawless airbrushed skin we see on those skinny, non-fed models.  Oh, and they usually make your house smell GREAT!  With that said, I created two new candelabras.  They are a truly unique type, as they are made out of something I pulled from rubbish.  And here we go.  First is a smaller table top type candelabra that is up for grabs at a price of $15.95.  The second, is a beauty and is $63.95.  The 2nd one is my fave!

That's all for this episode. Gotta get my beauty rest, so i can work and create all day tomorrow!  Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to showcasing some more beauties tomorrow.  Maybe I will have another FUNNY story to tell. 

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