Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Diva's, Junquers, Rebels, and shoppers....Twice Upon a Lady Consignment Sale in New Braunfels, TX


You don't want to miss this gig LADIES!  A huge, huge sale coming up in the Gorgeous, one of the most Famous Texas towns called New Braunfels!  Hurry and MAP it now, and make sure to put this on your calendar with ALERTS!

Twice Upon a Lady is hosting a HuGE consignment sale with Vendors, and Entertainment!  That's right.....VENDORS & ENTERTAINMENT!!!   Guess who will be there?  None other than your Favorite, Funky Rebel w/o a cause, fellow Junquor.....Shabby Junque Couture designer, Crystal! 

Visit for all that fancy print to view the date and times, along with location, location, location.  Snag your REBEL ROAD SISTAS, and put on your shopping linens, cowgirl boots, stillettos,top hats,  and come visit us!

Yes, I will be one of the vendors showcasing some of my fabulous pieces that have just been created.  Wait for SOUTH Texas, hot as HELL (but none of us know what HELL feels like right, because we are all Angels.  Ok, our horns hold the Halo)   Home Garage...with no AC.... in the 200 deg temps!  

Lots of sweat, and Tears have been poured into my work, and I will continue to keep pouring until the days of the event.  I'm excited to share some of my fabulous art, furniture, home decor, odds/ends.  If ya like, bring me a glass of wine...I prefer a Riesling.   I will also have my REBEL appointment book.  So you can book a consultation with me for a new design, or letting me FIX up that piece you just keep staring at with a blank look. 

 Or if it's a hunk of JUNK you can't stand anymore, I will be glad to come take it from you so you can stop looking at it. If it's broke, that's FINE & DANDY cuz most of the time I can use that for parts.

Let me just add that because I love what I do so much, It's very hard for me to part with each one of my pieces.  I have a fun and exciting story that always follows my work and each item I create.  But I don't want to become a It's best I pass onto you.  Each piece is created with Love, and devotion to a very unique FETISH.  You know the kind that involves a GYPSY soul and understanding of an incredible talent?

Now, because I'm going alone...You know, cuz someone has to stay and watch my kids...(the hubby), I will not be bringing my super large items, such as a super Shabby Entertainment Armoire.  But, because I know you all love it so much, I will have an album created with the larger pieces I have up for GRABS, along with some of my before and after photos.  And my personal portfolio of work I have done for clients.   This will give ya the chance to purchase as well.

This crazy gal will have some items such as unique photo frames, end tables, coffee table, lamps, lamp shades, mirrors, unique chalk boards created from things you never could have imagined being a chalk board.  Lots of fun, funky, shabby, whimsey, crazy stuff too.  Some of the colors I've been using are of course White, ivory, coral, turquoise, sage, robin's egg,  blue, black, pink, pink, pinks..cuz it's my fave color! All aged and distressed for your crazy taste. 

In order to achieve the most unique, one of kind item, I spend days and hours (in this heat 111 deg today), rummaging for vintage jewelry, buttons, lace, linens, books, tiarras, VAMP up that cute and shabby center piece for your HOLIDAY cheer party, or your ROMANTIC bedroom, and of course whatever room in the house you run to CHILL at so you don't take your frustrations out on your spouse or kids. 
(but none of us ever do that right?)

 I've collected sea shells from our FABULOUS beaches in TEXAS and MEXICO! I use the shells to, I guess you call it DECORATE different things. 
How about deer horns?  Any of you like those?  Did you know you can add deer horns to your decor w/o making it look too rustic?  Deer horns are no longer limited to a man or being rugged and rustic.  They can be very ROMANTIC and feminine as well.  And let's be honest with ourselves, this is SOUTH TEXAS...I'm pretty sure most of us REBELS/DIVAS/Gypsies/Junquors all own some type of  .243 OR 22 rifle, and have a HUNTIN License and a concealed Handgun License!  But If not, that's okay too, because I've got a little of everything.

I do not own or rent a building to have an actual physical store.  But, I am interested in a vendor spot in a shop if you know of someone needing a vendor???  HELP!

Once Again

I also have a side job as a Thirty One Gifts consultant.  But ladies, we've got a fellow Consultant already showcasing our beauties at this shin dig.  So I will not be there to make a sale on my Thirty One products.  You can however, click on the Thirty one link above and it will direct you to my website.

All major credit cards are accepted.  Including American Express.  The receipt will be emailed to you, cuz I don't have a printer.  haaaaa!  I also accept cash and checks with
a valid DL #.



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