Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Fancy-fied on a Saturday night...

Occasionally, I put my rebel side on the shelf and get all Fancied up.  Not often, but I guess it keeps it exciting when I actually do.  Ok, Ok...So the rebel side never gets put on the shelf, but I do contain myself a time or two. 

Yesterday was a very big day for one of our Family members.  Our little cousin is all grown up and became a Bride.  She is also a graduate with her Master's degree from UT!  Hook em Horns!  It was a very fun and relaxing wedding.
Most of you that see me daily, see me as pretty darn worn out lookin'.  I usually have paint splattered all over my body or on my clothing. It's unusual to see me wearing make-up or something nice.  If it isn't paint, it's sweat or whatever food particles were left on me from carrying around the toddler guy.  I've just learned to accept it since I know I'm a hard worker.  It also gives the so called "lurker" in my neighborhood something to drive by and look at.

SOOOOO, I wanted to share my little story behind my "little black dress".  I guess about a year ago, I was supposed to go to a BUNCO party with a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Theme.  So I started looking on Ebay for a LBD.  I found this one and was happy with it, and it was the right size.  (ok so I thought?)  I paid $8.50 plus shipping for the dress.  When it arrived it was in NEW condition with the price tags still attached.  The original price was $108.00.  No LIE!  It's also a Ralph Lauren dress.  I'm assuming it may have been purchased at a Bridal shop as a Bridesmaid dress??  Also, It didn't fit until just now.  DANG, FINALLY!  I even had to have some alterations done to it.  YIPPEE!

I was a little skeptical of wearing a strapless.  Still not brave enough for that after having the Toddler boy 2 years ago.  So I added my own touch to it by sewing the black lace on it as a halter top.  Then I added some lace to the back of it for some scalloped detail.  It was so much prettier this way!  And I was way more comfortable.  I packed up my cowgirl boots, but never had the oppurtunity to wear them.  My little man got exhausted after dancing with all the HOT chicks and was ready to leave before I could ever pull them on.  : (

Next up was my daughter's dress.  We were on a MISSION and stopped in at Dillard's one afternoon.  We saw the clearance rack and snagged this fuchsia beauty in her size (it was the only one like it) for a whole $10.49.  It was a little plain.  My darlin' princess had the idea of adding the lace around the sash and the bottom of her dress.  She also stole one of my vintage broaches off my lamp shade and pinned it onto the center of the sash for some "BLINGING" attitude!  I purchased 4 yards of Lace at the local Wal-Mart for $1.29 a yard.  And I still have a yard left!

My Daughter and I usually find our AWESOME jewels at a little shop called FRIENDS AND COMPANY in Floresville, TX located right off Highway 181.  You can't miss it, she has the crazy zebra, flamingo in her front yard!  Beda's shoes that are actually my shoes, were purchased at THE CHICKEN COOP in downtown Floresville.  And my fancy footsie covers are a steal from ROSS.  Also, both Beda and I have rhinestone flower clips in our hair.

Final outcome and total of our dresses put together was less than $30, and I thought they were SMASHING!

Just a little note:  The outfit my son is wearing in this photo cost me more than mine and Beda's dress put together.  That's INSANE!  And men say women are expensive...PAALEEZ!

It was so much fun gettin all fancy!  The best part about it was the fact that I did not stress one minute over "what I was going to wear" to this shin-dig.  That alone made the day!

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