Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Thelma & Louise diaries...

"You said you "n" me was gonna get out of town and for once just really let our hair down.  Well darlin', look out cause my hair is comin' down!" -Thelma
Well, I've got this friend.  She and I have been pretty dang close of friends since the 5th grade.  We fight like Sisters.  But I guess that's cuz we are "Rebel Road Sista's"?  She and I share a passion for road trips, backwood bars, and Junking!  Of course our families and all that stuff too.

This past spring we loaded up in a truck and headed a little North East to the huge towns of Warrenton and Roundtop.  This was our first experience of the very famous "Antique Week".  Since we both have young kids, it turned out to only be a day trip.  But it was so much fun!  Unfortunately, we didn't find any crazy treasures.  Sounds crazy, but we were a little turned off by the outrageous prices.  Everyone seemed to not want to make deals and although there were so many cute's hard to spend money on a $75 pedestal, when I found the exact same one for $3.99 at Marshall's. However, it was all inspiring.

One of Texas's famous road stops

I ran into a fellow Vendor.( I used to vend at Boerne Market Days a few years ago.)  Anyways, we found some cute koozies at her booth,  and thought they fit our current life.  Ha, Ha!  Some may find them ugly and disrespectful, but it's all in good humor and fun.  Can't pass up things that are pink right?

We had some cocktails, of which the ice chest caused our vintage market cart to have a blow out.  Too, probley because as the drinks disappeared, we kept adding more to it.  I guess we were having so much fun, we really didn't care and we laughed so dang hard we nearly passed out.  The hardest part of it was carrying the ice chest back on the long haul to the truck.  After that, I think I did pass out.  It was a looong drive back home. 

We kept walking on and came across this little creek.  I thought it was cute and decided it would be a good picture for my Dad.  By the way, if you ever plan on going, be prepared to walk and walk and walk.  It was funny because when we asked some of the vendors how to get to Zapp Hall, they said keep walking north and once you go over the creek you are almost there.  We actually almost missed the creek if it hadn't been for this sign.  Because I was looking for a CREEK not a crack in the ground. 

We finally Made it to Zapp Hall which is where several Vendors set up shop.  Such as the Junk Gypsies  It's also where the famous Junkorama prom is held every year and the John Evans Band plays.

Zapp Hall led us to the Junk Gypsies.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to finally meet them and see their booth.  I was a little turned off by their items and we didn't find anything really interesting as far as furniture and such.  But we did come across some "Thelma and Louise" Tshirts that we had to buy of course.  We got some new stickers and koozies too.

We didn't find any large furniture pieces or big items, so we couldn't hire these men that were selling themselves.  DANG!

It ended up being a fun trip and was worth the time and gas.  It's a place where my "rebel road sista" and I can be ourselves.(you  have to be tame where we live.)  We will most likely be going back probley wearing our tiaras and pearls. It's never a dull moment when we whip those out. The show is held once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  I will never, ever pass up the opportunity to go junking! 

"You've always been CRAZY, this is just the first chance you've had to EXPRESS yourself" - Louise

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  1. So glad ya'll got to experience Warrenton/Roundtop! It really is a blast, I have to agree though, the prices have definitely jumped up!! Even if you don't find tons of treasures, you still have a blast! :)
    So glad you sent me a link, I love making new bloggy buddies!!!
    Have a great week Crystal!