Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kiss me under the mistletoe

So I'm going to start writing short blogs!  But I assure you they will be packed with something interesting.  You know that guy?  "The most interesting guy in the world" from the Dos XX's commercials and ads?....Yeah..I'm kinda like that.

So it finally got 30 deg here in South Texas.  Therefore, I was outta work for a few days because I couldn't paint and I was too cold to work in my shed that has a busted out window.  But it's never boreing at my casa. 

Here are a few pics of some things I worked on while stuffed in my house.  And if you know what it's like to be an artist, OCD, ADD, talented person....then you can understand that there is NO such thang as sitting still or relaxing.

First up is a photo of the little centerpiece I created using vintage candle holders I picked up at The Chicken Coop in Floresville, Texas.  I had a craft mirror I was fixing to throw away and sat that on a pewter tray I had laying around and scattered some seashells and sandollars from our vacation this summer..and plastic ornaments from the Dollar General, and some vintage brouches too.  The candles sticks were picked up at the Dollar store too.

Then this pic is of the ugly hunk of junk that was sitting in our living room for 50 plus years.  We wanted to rip it down, but the previous owner carpeted around it...and unless we had thousands to replace the floors...we decided to keep the piece.  So I got ahold of it and did my thang!  Magic eh?  Well I found the old wood at different vintage shops around the area..and it just so happened that they all fit perfect.  I never even had a tape measure with me to make sure...God is always on my side!

Then I painted it an almond color, distressed it with my sander, and rubbed stain over it. I could kick myself in the butt for not taking a BEFORE photo!  But you would roll over and die if you saw what it looked like before...I assure you of that!

The Stockings were created from my old stockings and I covered them with burlap from a feed store and added some lace along with monogrammed charms for my family. 

Here is our TREE that sits in the living space.  I made the tree skirt from satin picked up at WalMart for $2.00 a yard and my old tree skirt.  My decor has changed dramatically since moving here 5 years ago.  But I spend 99% of my time at this house, so I decided to decorate it like my old little cottage house I lived in as a single gal.  I was only decorating it all masculine and dark colors because my husband begged me to not paint the walls pastel or add flowers.  Time goes on...and who ends up winning that argument... ; )

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