Friday, February 3, 2012

Sometimes change is good!

This week I had several projects to work on.  All that furniture and junk I found over the week and weekend was really tempting me.  Not to mention it's time to get ready for all the Spring Junk Shows!!!

I set out a few pieces I was eager to get started on.

Now I believe those are some pretty ugly pieces of furniture...but as a true junker and interior designer, you know exactly what you plan on doing with an item as soon as you see it.  Even if it is broken.

I started with the little Frenchy nightstand in the background.  I really wanted something unique and different...kinda like me...and something that wasn't like everything me. 

Here is a close up of the BEFORE

Then It was time to get out the majic stick and work it.  Here is the AFTER:

Oh my, my, my.  How fancy this is right?  Gosh I love my job!  I have no idea what kind of paint this is, but it did make me "high".  Ha, Ha, ha!  Honestly, I really do not pay attention to the paints I use unless it has to be a certain type for a certain type of project.  Other than that, I just slap it on and work my majic.  This helps keep the cost down for my customers buying my product.

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