Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The beginning of a bunch of good things...

Who likes Junk?  Who likes to talk about Junk?  And we all know if we are any of those two things, we sure as heck like to SHOP for JUNK!

As most know, I love finding the ugliest pieces of furniture and restoring them.  Ever since I was a kiddo, I always had this heart that believed there is and was beauty and good in all things no matter what.  Most think I'm not for real, or out of this world.  I get the question quite often  as to which planet I come from.  Actually, I find all that as quite the compliment.  I love the fact that I am unique and I am very happy in life.

I just find a great thrill out of helping someone or something that most ignore.  With all that passion and kind heart has lead me to great adventures and all kinds of things!

I truly get a healing in my own heart when I create or restore a piece of furniture.  It's an art and a talent, yes.  But to me, it's comfort and passion.  Also, with the great love I have for God, I spend alot of my time while working on these pieces of furniture listening to Bible scriptures, and preachings!  It's a rejuvenating time for me, and it's my place for Peace!  Did you know that some of my pieces of furniture, depending on it's original state....bare a Bible scripture about "restoration"?   I figured maybe, If I place a message on it...when that woman is really mad at her husband and fixing to hit him across the head with the chair....she might just find the message and it change her life!

I do this business to inspire someone..and to show that all things are possible.  I never gave up on myself or what I wanted to do.  Believe me, it's a struggle.  And it's not always glitzy, and you are broke half the time.  But as long as you put all the effort you can into it, God will do the rest.  And then once you believe will see how everything will fall into place as it has for me.  If I had all the time in the world to write my testimony on How God has worked for would all be hooked and understand why I have such a strong relationship with the Lord.

Last Wednesday I had no idea my day would start with an amazing radio interview with the Junk Mafia radio station out of MO.  I was able to call into the "Junk in my Trunk" radio show and give a very fun interview!   That was so much fun!  They guys will be out and about in Warrenton at the Antique show coming up in a month!  I would make it a point to hunt them down and let them interview you about your junk!  Great guys, and so much fun!

Please click on the link I just provided to listen to my full interview.!  Special Thanks to Darren and the Junk Mafia Team!


  1. Just found you through the Junk Salvation site. Hope you are selling out in Round Top!

  2. Thank you. It's been fun! I can't wait to blog about this week. I'll be here all week.