Friday, February 10, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring, this ole gal is going....

Rain, Rain, and more Rain.  Mud, and just a big ole huge MESS.  Maybe I shouldn't complain because this is going to make all my beautiful flowers look so pretty this Spring. 

I spent the last week in some kind of FUNK with this weather and all.  No fun!  Kinda had a pitty party too...which isn't like me.  No worry, I pulled my underpants together and quickly restored my brain back into overdrive times 1000!

As you know, I risked my LIFE last week trying out the Little Mexico Flea Market down in San Antonio, Texas.  Then I headed over to Salsa Momma's hood.  Salsa Momma had the hook up with the fancy mirrors as mentioned in my previous post.  Therefore, I was itching to get started on the painting and distressing on one of these bad boys!

So Fabulicious lady here was in a funk and I just told myself get your butt in gear and just GO already!  So instead of switching up colors and going all FuNkY as usual....I decided to paint several pieces all the same color...just to make things a little easier that afternoon.  Normally I like to make things harder than what they really are.  I didn't feel like using the paint sprayer, so I decided to stick with the whole brush, wax on/wax off....bit.

I was able to paint all this, and most of it has all SOLD!  Yay for me, but blah for keep checking my inventory so you don't miss out again! I hand painted each item then distressed it myself.

I had a custom job as well, and it was an old pine end table that I turned around and painted a rustic turquoise like color, then distressed too.  This time I had to use a putty knife and a bottle opener to distress.  My sander is crapping out on me...and honestly I like the really chippy look that you distress by hand anyways.

While I waited on the paint to dry on the custom piece above, I went ahead and turned this table I found wasting away for months outside a vintage shop Into this HOT little minty number.  You do know what they say about mints right?  this table was SOLD right away. It's going in a baby's nursery. AWE!

In order to keep this business running and help keeping y'all so entertained without having to pole dance...I do have to manage to throw in some small home decor a time or two.  Here are a few items that sold this week.

And a few more items below that are STILL AVAILABLE for PURCHASE.

Thanks y'all! 
 And if Country Living magazine or Nate Berkus (wish he liked women, and I was single.  He's so hot) is reading this....I can tone my mouth down for public TV and a page in a magazine.  I did work in the Engineering field in Corporate America for almost 10 I do know how to come off softer, elegant, and professional!  : )  Actually, I'm pretty elegant, but I like the fact that I'M THE BEST OF ALL THE WORLDS because it makes me so very unique and quite intriguing...along with being a GREAT CONVERSATION PIECE!

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