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No Bueno at the Wednesday market

Note from Crystal:
Most family, friends, and customers know that I have a little comedian side to me.  I love sharing my stories and adventures.  Please be advised that I just type and go.  I tell it how I see it.  I do  not sugar coat anything.  I would also like to remind you that any story or blog that I write is never intended to hurt anyone or belittle one.  I am not racist and I believe in equal opportunity.  I have a huge, huge sense of humor and I enjoy life and all people along with GOD and giving to others in need.

Some think this job is all about glamour and good times.  Boy do I have a different opinion on that.  Yes, as a junker and interior get to travel all over and meet all kinds of new people that are AMAZING!  And get great deals on all kinds of stuff.  But occasionally we have to get very, very dirty and put our life on the line to find the perfect find. Well, it's more like we are dirty everyday between paint, sanding, waxing..all that good stuff.  This job does not come with a warning label.

As you know I like to explore and dig.  I love old piles of wood because you can find all kinds of neat and unusual items.  Just like my day trip to Luling and Austin, Texas.  What about the Flea markets?  

Here's my take on all that:
Feb. 1st: Woke up at 4am this morning cuz I found out there is a Flea market open on Wednesdays in San Antonio.  Let me just say this.  If you ever plan to visit that particular flea market be prepared for a culture shock.  Especially if you are not from South Texas.  I LOVE, LOVE Flea Markets and Farmer markets!  But since I didn't have my snake skin boots or cheap bling on.  I kinda didn't fit in with the crowd. 

So here comes this blue-eyed, half blonde (by the box), half brunette haired chic chick up the parking lot.  Had this parking lot not been in an open field...but with trees or bushes surrounding it...I would be skeered to see a dead body somewhere.  Weather was nasty and my hair looked as though it got caught in a fan blade somewhere.   I was a happy camper, and my nose was filled with the aromas of cheap "old spice" after shave, and fake Dolce Cabana parfume ed de toilete spray.  Along with all the carnival food such as Thrippas (cow intestines that people actually cook, then eat), and cotton candy.  With the sounds of 1000 babies screaming and crying and a couple of pedestrians and car drivers yelling at one another over a parking spot in Spanish or Tex Mex LIngo?  Whatever it's called?  I finally managed to find the entrance.
I get to the entrance..and the guy pretended he couldn't speak English...and told me "You wrong, go the other way!"  He was very rude, but I just smiled!  UGh!  What difference is it if I go in this way or the other way?  Same place and same reason to be there!  So I walked to the other booth, paid my $1 entry fee....and began the HUNT!! 

Here is what I found first:

I'd like to remind all the beautiful Latina ladies out there...that if you are wearing shorts that are stuck in all your fancy woman parts...then you probley shouldn't be wearing them at all. Yet alone with 6" heels?  Why wear that to a flea market?  I don't get it?


But was expecting to see this:

Big and huge difference.  However I managed to find a couple of good things.  So I wasn't leaving empty handed. And When do I ever come home empty handed?   I did have a hard time bargaining with the most did not speak English and I know they would jack their price up on the item when they saw "white girl" here.  Reason I know that is because they would tell another customer a lower price in Spanish, then when I would ask...they jacked the price up by $10-$20.  I am from South Texas and I do have friends that are Mexican...and I know a little Spanish.  When I was looking at all the fresh vegetables, I became insulted by the vendor when I complimented him on how beautiful his cilantro looked.  Honestly, do you think they may have thought I was a rat from the Government food department or something?  You know, for them to be so cold hearted to a nice lady?

Anyways, I even had to rent one of the stolen shopping carts marked "target" or "walmart"...and had to hand over my Driver's License as a security deposit.  When I returned the cart after loading my car, I needed to get my License back...and when I went to the booth to get it..he just stared at me.  Once again, no English.  and I just wanted to say to him "compadre i'm the only white girl here, so it shouldn't be too hard to find my plastic!"

However, I think this cart was from Home Depot?

Few of the finds that day:

I unloaded my cart faster than a bolt of lightening because there were two cars already starring one another down fixing to open a can of Whoop AZZ on each other for the space.  Then God granted me an angel and I got a phone call from my "Hot Salsa Momma"....that's what I call her to keep her real name Private as she requested. 

So "Hot Salsa Momma" had some good Stuff!

While at Hot Salsa Momma's casa, I was greated by the Salsa Momma's neighbor's Chihuahua barking at me thru a  hole in the side of the house.  Yes, a little hole that lead straight into the house.
I'm in Love with Hot Salsa Momma.  She keeps up with my blogs and is very in tune with my sense of style.  So she lead me straight to all the stuff she knew I was going to buy.  Here is what Salsa Momma hooked me up with:

Salsa momma Had the mirror hook up.  I was able to get half way thru my Wall Mirror project in my bedroom.

Those above are just a few of the items I came home with.  I still have to go back Monday and pick up a desk and two more large mirrors she has for me.  She also has some more items I will be getting as well.  Spring shows are coming up and I am happy to say that I will have a nice inventory to offer my customers. 

Now, Hot Salsa Momma lives in the Ghetto Hood.  I say that because it's on the East side of downtown San Antonio where my husband's work is.  Fire Station that is.  I did not tell him I was going there in fear he would not let me drive alone down there.  A couple of the neighbors were scary, but some were normal.  Hot Salsa Momma is normal and very sweet.  Since I'm down in Ghettoville, While loading all those great finds in my clunker and on top of my clunker...I had some hood rats drive by in Something like this:

The guys in the car were yelling "hey how y'all doin?"  But Hot Salsa Momma got concerned because she thought they said "Drop your drawers"!  Then I questioned myself and wondered if I heard them wrong, since they drove by a second time.  At that point I was getting kinda scared.  So we finished loading the junk on top of the clunker.  I now looked as though I fit in on that side of town because not only do I have two fenders missing on my car, I also had rope hanging down from where I tied all the furniture on top of the car.  Along with a low rider situation from all the junk piled inside the car.

The time came for me to hand over my cash to Salsa Momma.  I was only about $300 short since I was not expecting to find all that GREAT stuff!  So I had to head on over to an ATM.  I was a little hesitant since it was "that" side of town.  Plus I had everything loaded down.  Driving through the EAst side I ran across a few things such as this:

When I finally returned home and my husband asked where I went.  I hesitated, but I had to tell him cuz I am a terrible liar.  I told him I went to Salsa Momma's house.  See he knows where Salsa Momma lives because he dropped some items off at her house that she has purchased from me.  His response was this:  "well, it's not THAT bad where she lives.  However, we got called to a stabbing just a few houses down a few nights before."  GEEZ!

All in all it was a good day and I had a good time.  I came home with some amazing pieces for the Spring shows.  I was tired, dirty, and in desperate need of a pedicure and shower. But was very, very excited and a happy Junker!

Keep checking back for more GREAT STORIES!
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