Monday, January 23, 2012

The El Camino Project...

A couple of weekends ago we were sitting in the office aka around the fire pit.  while looking on Craigslist for a new cargo trailer, I all the sudden had a mirror ball go off in my head.  I say mirror ball because it's more my style than just a plain ole light bulb.  anyways, I told everyone that I want to purchase a vintage Chevy El Camino.  Reason being, you can haul a trailer with it, and it has a bed of a truck to load more junk in.  What if I want to go shopping when I'm at all my shows?  Where would I put my stuff?  Also, I think it would be great when you are having one of those days when you can't afford a hotel room....and you need to sleep.

If you don't know, an El Camino looks like this.

A lot of times, you see images with some tasteless lady posing next to it..just like in this photo.  I would like to add, that I will look much more appealing to my El Camino than this chick. 

 Seriously?? I'm glad I have some class.

Everyone must of thought I was joking, but I honestly wasn't.  I even added that I would like to locate some longhorns to place on the grill of the car.  I'm thinking I will add some burlap, lace, and some jewels to my longhorn.

The mount would look something similiar to this.  I don't think anyone would take advantage of a lady driving a Chevy El Camino that had horns on it? 

As a true Junkin' girl, I'm always looking no matter what.  While dropping my kids off at school one morning I saw some horns sticking out of some junk on someone's front porch.  I'm glad I ended up stopping there because she had all kinds of neat things.  I even found a quilt for $2!  I know all of you will be jealous of these, but don't get too mad, because I've already dressed them up, and they no longer look this gorgeous!

I took a trip to the local flea market on Saturday to check out what was happening.  I ran into this guy, and he assumed I was really crazy.  When I told him the story of what i wanted to do with an El Camino, I'm not sure if he understood my language, because I thought the story was hillarious, and he didn't even crack a smile...he just looked at me like I was stupid.  Some people just don't get it! 

I took a pic of these and decided that these were bigger and better.  They were only $40 bucks! 

Don't worry, I don't plan on doing anything to this extreme.

All in all...I honestly think the El Camino would be an excellent addition to my stash.  Plus a GREAT project that will be so fun and Exciting!  Keep checking back for the EL Camino project updates!

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