Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Texas Road trip and Birthday celebration...

Today I woke up 32 years young.  A very excited and happy woman, but more like excited and happy like a child.  Which I guess is what keeps me young? 

The plan was this: 

Hit the road, and some vintage and junk shops, have dinner with some friends, sleep in a hotel, then come home to my family.

Here is a pic of Farrah and I fixing to hit the roads.

However, the day went more like this: 

Listening to some iPod tunes such as Miles Davis, George Thorogood, Fats Domino, Wade Bowen, Hayes Carl, Earl Thomas Conley, ect ect and loving life and the roads! 

Quickly lead to:

Lost in a strange part of town with strange people, and a bunch of places/business type things that started with the same first name with a different location or business type such as salvage, mechanic, liquor, bar, pottery, metal works.  I'm guessing the same lady or man owned all of those???  Not really sure? 
I found a few bars such as the "El Flamingo Lounge"....of which does not believe in being open on a Tuesday afternoon and was completely shut off with  burglar bars and chains around a fence and a "watch dog" that looked like  the Taco Bell dog instead of a "real" watch dog. 
 Then, a quick pit stop to answer some emails in front of a Liquor store that was tempting me....and to let Farrah do her thang.  Of which she just shook because a cool front blew in.  So she just hopped back in the junk car. 

So back on the hwy we went.  I couldn't find the salvage junk lady I found on Craigslist as her response to me when I asked for her address was "hwy 183 and 21 area"???  I'm assuming that should have been a red flag.  So when I FINALLY got to the area..I was kinda nervous and looking for some type of salvage area that didn't involve rusted old cars I couldn't tie on top of my car or load in my trailer. 

When you are a "TRUE" junker, you really just don't care where you end up cuz normally it always leads to something.  Well, I was led to something alright.  I somehow ended up over here...of which I'm glad I had a knife and rope...I didn't bring the concealed handgun because...I just have this thing about packing guns...even though I love guns...but I get a bad feeling from having one in my vehicle for some odd reason. 

So this is the parking area I ended up in. 
Probley should have not stopped, but I was trying to look on my phone map, haul a trailer,  deal with Farrah, and phone a friend around the Austin area to help me locate myself.  So I was really desperate.  Not to mention I had not had anything to eat all day and it was 4:00pm.  Forgive me.

After telling the guy washing the sidewalk off (I really do not want to know what was on it) that I was NOT his "live" entertainment for the night....I finally stopped at some storage shed or something that managed to have a few nice things that I could rummage through. 

I finished up there and started to head back towards the City...and quickly found myself lost yet again...and somehow got turned around off one of the main hwy's...and back into some scary part of town.   At this point I decided it was best to go back the route I came because Traffic was unbelievable!   I was still lost and saw a lot of weirdos (no offense) walking down the street selling things or themselves along with some guy walking with a guitar, and a lady...that I wish I could help  because I know exactly what she was doing on that corner.  Unfortunately, I felt really sorry for her because she did NOT look like Vivian from the movie "Pretty Woman".

I was thirsty...and I'm so Glad my Dad and PoPo taught me how to survive in the Wild because I had my first aid kit with me. 
It's just not about band aids ladies and gents.  You need to pack the whole sha bang!  Such as a gallon of water, toilet paper, blanket, jacket, matches, beef jerky, beer, and a flashlight.  The beer should be on ice.

I only needed the gallon of water on this trip. 

So now Farrah and I are on some strange road again.  Finally my friend from the Austin area answered the phone...and helped calm me down and figure out where the heck I was at.  I realized I was by the Austin Airport..and decided to keep going South.  Got to the road I needed to turn on and "Hello" Detour..because of construction. 
 So another 15 min down the road...I finally got back to where I needed to be. 
 At this point, FArrah and I were so exhausted.  But she was a party pooper hours ago and slept the entire time.  How lame! 
Once again, at this point, I was too tired, it was almost dark, and I just wanted to cry and go home.  So I cancelled the hotel reservation and started the drive home.

I arrived at home and was greeted with a gorgeous man that is about 3' tall named,  Gunnar.  He picked Flowers out of a field and told me "happy New Year"!  I was so excited to see my kids, and Knew God had me where he wanted me to be.

Then all the kicking and screaming and fighting started between my two kids...and i thought, "Oh Dear, I should have kept those reservations so I could at least have Peace and Quiet. 

All in All...I spent $84 in gas, $1.50 on a beef jerky stick, $2.50 on a tea and a few $$$ on a couple of finds.   And some $$$ on my WiFi data overage. 

But as a determined woman, I managed to still come home with a couple of nice finds.  That does not include the donut seat I had to purchase to be comfortable on this 12 hour journey.

Now time for that beer on Ice!  Cheers!

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