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It doesn't matter how long we have on Earth, it's up to us how we want to impact the people while we ARE here on Earth

With the situation that has happened yesterday in Aurora, Colorado, I want to send my prayers out to anyone that reads this, all my prayers. Even if you are not related to the victims or the suspect, or were a part of this tragic might still be affected.

I don't think I have ever been this impacted by a horrific tragedy since 9/11? Which doesn’t mean a million other tragedies didn’t affect me. I will be honest; I have had moments of anger, and moments of crying over this situation. I'm not sure why it is hurting me so bad...but one thing I do know is that my heart is so into it because even though some of the victims lost their lives...they still continue to work their peace in other hearts that are still alive.

I don't know any of these victims. But I do know that they were people. And they each had a purpose on this Earth. As we all do. It's important for us to make sure that we live our lives. Yes, things make us angry, people hurt us, and we suffer from the loss of jobs, death, the lack of feeling loved or wanted. Maybe some of you are struggling with your purpose in life? But that doesn't make us or you any less of a wonderful person than someone that has a load of money, huge family, big house, nice car, etc.

I live a pretty medium, middle class life. I don't have a lot of fancy things. But I do have my healthy children, a hard working husband, a roof over our heads, a yard to tend to...two legs, and lots of talent...and a heart to give and keep giving by anyway that I can offer a hand to someone in need. I do also know that although both of my children are Night and Day. Each one has a special talent that I see. Each talent in them is different. I encourage both each day to use that talent to benefit their lives. I could go on about my degrees behind my name and what school or trade schools I've been to. The big National Company I worked for, that I played a somewhat important roll in. But I'd rather talk about the small things in my life that are my BIG things.

Even if you are not married, and you are hurting because you want to be, sometimes the married ones are looking to get out. Or God has not given you a child yet? Maybe he doesn't gift you with that child because He knows you would be a GREAT Mother or Father to a child that needs to be adopted (baby, child, or teen). Or a caregiver to an adult that needs help? Heck, maybe he just wants you to adopt a couple of dogs and a cat because they need saving???

My point is to stop wanting and complaining about what you don't have. Appreciate the exact thing and moment you are having right at this time. What if you spent all day complaining about how upset you are because that lady ahead of you at the grocery store spent 10 extra minutes counting her coupons when you had one item and were in a hurry...but you are still talking about it today because it made you mad? Then you get in your car, and a drunk driver hits you out of nowhere and you are dead. Honestly, what's the last impact you left on Earth then? The fact that you spent your last hours complaining instead of smiling and laughing? Who wants to be remembered like that???

True story:

At a conference there was woman that was checking out with the cashier in the Book store/ gift shop. She heard a little boy asking the Mom and Dad that was both wheelchair bound, if he could get a t-shirt that said a GREAT name on it. When the parent's said NO in a nice way, the little boy said "okay", but had his head down. The woman paying the cashier witnesses the parent's sad face when they had to tell the little boy he couldn't get the shirt. She also realizes how the little boy respected his parents. The Father even went on to say "maybe tomorrow we can get it". They never made a scene, or were loud to make someone see it. Apparently the woman witnessing the situation just has good ears. She asked the cashier how much the shirts were. $10, so the woman paid the cashier for the shirt....then went to the kiddo in front of his parents....and had him pick the shirt out that he wanted. The little boy was so happy. And the parents cried and hugged the Woman that did such an act.

Point of the story:
do something amazing no matter what. You never know who witnesses what you do, and how they might turn around and do the exact same thing...then the love and kindness keeps getting spread around.

Anyways, I realize I get very passionate with my writing even if my grammar and my context are off...or my punctuation is wrong. But I'm not an English Teacher; I'm an Artist that works with her heart, hands, and soul. Which is the most powerful thing to set this life on Fire? Your paper behind your name could be burned with one match...but it's going to take a crap load of gasoline, jet fuel, and matches to burn my soul up! (And nothing against all the smarty pants with the paper. If you have that talent, use it. We need you too.)

Some of you have maybe read up on this...but one of the Victims in the Colorado shooting was from San Antonio. I don't know her, but she is very inspiring. Now that she is in Heaven. We as humans need to realize what impact she made on this life in her lifetime. You might just think that she was a young adult pursuing a career. BUT, if you read one of her last blogs, you will realize that although she left our Earth in a very tragic way, you will see that her life and legacy is not over yet.

Please read below the statement I copied from
( ).

MY Words:

This Woman most definitely studied the word of God in Some way....and although I have never had a life and death situation other than a scary illness. I totally GET her point and continue to live my life the way she wanted us to live it. Read her words that I have highlighted in BOLD and realize what she is saying. Make TODAY the DAY you start Living no matter what!
 If you are in a wheelchair, use it to your advantage...put some kiddo on your lap and give them a ride! You both will be smiling! If you lost your arms, use your toes! If you have no hair, go to a wig shop and have fun trying all those hairstyles on...and if you can't afford the wig, do something fun that makes you some extra cash....and go buy it one day! I don't have any money....but that doesn't stop me from making what little I do make...and putting most of it away for my children and their future.
 Most important....SMILE! LOVE to all of you fabulous people that continue to encourage me and feed my heart with all this desire to paint and write and share photos with!
The statement from online:
“A blogger and aspiring sports reporter who recently wrote of surviving a Toronto shooting was also among those killed, the woman's brother said.
The death of Jessica Ghawi, who was also known as Jessica Redfield, was a "complete and utter shock," said her brother, Jordan Ghawi.
He has been using his blog and Twitter account to update what he knew about his sister's condition. He also appeared on the NBC "Today" show.
Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said Friday evening that 10 victims died at the theater and two others later died from their injuries.
Jordan Ghawi said on his website that a man who was with his sister at the theater described the chaos, saying he and Jessica Ghawi dropped to take cover when the gunman first started shooting. Jessica Ghawi was shot in the leg, her brother wrote, describing details relayed to him by a man identified on the blog only as a mutual friend named Brent.
Jessica Ghawi began screaming when she was shot, and the friend tried to calm her and stop the bleeding, according to Jordan Ghawi.
The man was then shot, but he continued attending to Jessica Ghawi's wound before he realized she had stopped screaming, Jordan Ghawi stated. The man said Jessica Ghawi had been shot in the head.
Jordan Ghawi said the friend escaped the theater after being shot twice, and he was expected to survive. Jordan Ghawi praised the man, saying his "actions are nothing but heroic."
Jessica Ghawi, 24, moved to Denver from Texas about a year ago and friends and colleagues described her as outgoing, smart and witty.
Ghawi blogged at length about surviving the Eaton Centre mall shooting in Toronto that killed two people and sent several others to the hospital. Peter Burns, a radio sports show host with Mile High Sports Radio in Denver, and his girlfriend, Lauren Anuskewicz, both said the blog reflected everything she told them.
Jessica Ghawi wrote of the Toronto shooting: "I was shown how fragile life was on Saturday. I saw the terror on bystanders' faces. I saw the victims of a senseless crime. I saw lives change. I was reminded that we don't know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath."

Yet, Burns said, Jessica Ghawi seemed more enlivened than intimidated by surviving that shooting.

"After the Toronto incident, I think she even looked at that like, 'Hey, even after that, I'm able to pursue my dream,'" he said.
Jessica Ghawi
Burns said he was close to her family. He moved to Denver from Texas a few years ago and talked with Jessica Ghawi about establishing a sports radio career there, he said.
Former colleague Mike Taylor, a sports host at KTKR-AM in San Antonio described how she reluctantly changed her name for her career, taking the name "Redfield" as a play on her red hair because it was easier to say than her given name.
Jessica Ghawi was a prolific social media user under the new name. Her last tweet stated in all capital letters, "movie doesn't start for 20 minutes.”
Reference: ” (

Here is a picture of the Woman at the conference that purchased that tee for the little boy. The shirt was a Christian tshirt from the Christan Book store/gift shop. This child is our future

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