Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eazy Cheezy Potato soup...cuz I don't cook

Alright, so I will admit it...I hate cooking.  There are only a handful of things I can throw out on the table...most of them...meals that qualify under the "30 minute" title.  I'm no Martha Stuart or Rachel RAy....but I am Crystal.  And one thing my Momma did teach me was how to cook on a budget that pleases everyone!  Did I mention that I really don't like cooking?  My husband usually stands behind me and critiques my cooking,  because he is an excellent cook when it comes to meat and anything that comes from the wild.  But what about those nights he's at work and you got some hungry kids that just want to eat now?   Not to mention all the neighbor kids too.  I don't have time to take 3 hours to cook!

So tonight I threw together my EAsy Cheezy Potato soup.  My Gramma used to make it, and so did my Mom.  I'm sure as time has gone on...each one of us tweaked it to our desires and time schedules.  So I'm just going to share with you my recipe on my time schedule.  Normally I'm typing about Junking and furniture make overs, but I felt I should share this...cuz I know there are other crazy junkers out there that spend more time creating and less time here it goes.

After I spent an hour counting quarters, dimes and nickels from my change box...I headed to the super market.  I even had the money counted out and organized and labeled on each ziploc bag.  quarters in one, nickels in one, dimes in one...and so on.  LOL (that's why my friends compare me to Monica on the old show Friends)  So inspired by the guy that paid his mortgage off with Pennies...I will be that person next.  There are so many if you think about it!  When I checked out, I paid the check out lady with each ziploc bag labeled.  No I was not embarrased...I made it a joke...and had the line behind me don't ever be embarrassed about things like that.  I think it's something to take great Pride in!

First on your grocery list you need:

Bag of Potatos

Some kind of Velveeta or off brand cheeze melt

PARSELY (fresh or flakes from the seasoning isle)

Step by step..which this blog is probley longer than it really takes to cook

The first thing you need to do is wash and clean your potatos.

Once you wash the potatos, you need to peel them.  I like to lay out some paper towels to peel over.

Once you peel your potatos, all you have to do to clean up is fold it all up and throw it out.

While you are doing all that, it's best you have already started your pot of boiling water.

Then it's important to dice your potatos.  Not too small, not too large.

So now that we have that all diced up, we throw it in the pot of water we already started boiling.  Don't forget to add your wooden spoon across the top, to keep the water from boiling over.  My Grandma taught me that when I was little.  Yeah, I know it's on Pinterest too...but seriously, My Grandma who is German, taught me that.

While you are waiting on your potatos to cook and boil, you could wash dirty dishes, play with kids, clean fridge out, work out, or drink some wine!!

 (yes, I have just exposed myself without makeup)

After that 2nd glass...ok..maybe one if you are not from Texas..cuz we tend to drink double the norm. 

It's time to drain your potatos.  When you drain them, leave just a little bit of the potato bisk in there (the water) The wine should not be poured into the soup at all...that's for your pleasure.

Once you drain your cooking pot, put it back on stove or open fire...however you cook? Then add some milk and butter. Now I would tell you how much to meausre, except when I cook, I never ever measure....I just throw it in there to taste. (another tip my Mom and Gramma taught me)  We just don't measure.  Too much time gets wasted on counting and measuring in this life anyways.

Ok, so now you have cooked potatos in some bisk, added milk, and added butter.  Add some cooking cheese (the type you use for party dips).  Again, no measure, just add as you please and taste.  I would tell you to only use half, but I use the whole block, cuz my kiddos like it cheezy like Kraft!  Dice some cooked ham up (the kind you use in a ham sandwhich)

Then you stirr and take a mash potato maker and mash the remaining chunks, unless you like it chunky (wink wink). 

Add salt, pepper, dash of garlic powder, some onion powder...and dress with parsely and extra shredded sharp chedder.


Now you have this beautiful dish of warm, cozy easy cheezy potato soup, cuz you hate to cook too!


(finished product and ready for my tummy)

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