Friday, July 20, 2012

All that Salvaged GLORY and my lust for RUST

Greetings from Mrs. Shabby Junque!  I'm reporting to you while sitting in 120 deg TX weather.  Where you can't breath cuz it's ThAt humid!!!

One of my most favorite things to buy and junk for is SALVAGED architecture and rust is a must!  so I put some of my favorite pieces together and have decided to pass onto some NEW peeps!!

So over there at the famous and almost as fabulous as me...ETSY, you can purchase these big ole beauties!   They are just so gorgeous.  I had so many, but had to keep SIX for myself and my own home...and I'm going to cut a few of them to make candle holders.  Woot, Woot!

You can visit my Etsy shop here:

My little helper here, he also loves this architecture stuff too!  He is such an amazing help!

 From, they sure do know how to upcycle those spindles right?
And over there at they sure like to show off these re-purposed spindles as tables!

And since I LUST for RUST so much...I captured this photo while visiting a famous Shell shop at our Texas Coast.

I had a bunch of stuff collecting dust.  Some of it broken...and my vintage chippy old mirror in the back there...was for sale for over a year and no one snagged it (suckers) I snagged it and kept it for myself and added it to my master bedroom decor.  The cherub thingy was a salvaged piece that once belonged to something??  I think a lamp maybe...I found it at a vendor in Warrenton, way back in one of those fields...I purchased TWO!  Then that cement thing a ma jig...was a fancy candle holder...actually I could still sand it down and put a plate on it to make it a repurposed candle holder..but I might just decide to do that another day and then blog about it.  Since it broke (thanks to the toddler), it is now in TWO pieces.  SOOOOOOOOO, with that said, I'm using the other piece as a book end in my personal library, that is in my bedroom as well.  The rest of the stuff all comes from the flea market.  I guess it's that whole from Flea to FAB!  Fun stuff!!

AND, yes, I said AND one more time....enjoy all these other photos of some amazing things that I just love and get so inspired by. I took a bunch of these photos below on our family vacation in Rockport, Texas! 

This next photo you are about to see shows my kids not wearing seatbelts.   just so people don't freak out..cuz so many people take my text out of context on purpose, my daughter and her friend were not wearing seatbelts because we were on the Ferry going to the island and they got out to look at the dolphins.  So I don't need your lawyer calling me or sending me papers suggesting I was guilty of child endangerment!  (yes, that is what our world has come to)

God Bless AMERICA and TEXAS!!
You can order one of these fancy buntings from me too!  They are $35 each and made to order, so you can customize your ribbon color on the ends.

Until next time LOVERS!  XOXO

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  1. Wow! I would love to let you loose in me house :) You sure rock at organizing!