Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life after

Call me crazy.  But I believe the lack of sleep I've had the last few days has been because shut down a few weeks ago!  Ugh!  Although I am the proud owner of Photoshop...I enjoyed using Picnik because it was fast, simple, and easy and didn't take hours but more like  minutes to edit a photo. 

So as a junky I looked into instagram....I'm not that excited about that program.  And I also have spent hours that I do not have anymore searching the web for a new online editing tool.  I finally loaded photoshop onto my laptop today and honestly didn't even want to mess with it. 

I became ill last week and this week, so I've had to stay off my feet.  Ok, well that's freaking impossible because I hate being indoors and I love my job and work, and people.  Yesterday My husband asked me...ok TOLD me to clean the house.  So I redecorated!!!  Never under estimate a women.  Seriously.  Well, I moved some heavy pieces and I knew it was a bad idea...but I'm stubborn and determined...and SO Well I DID it all by myself!!  and it looks like a girl's house finally!  Honestly, he doesn't say anything to me anymore....he just lets me do my thang!  Which is why we are good for eachother?  Too, I get asked the question quite often of what my home looks like on the inside.  We've seen the pics of the outside thru previous blogs.  Here are a few pictures of my new home decor around the house.

On the Buffet in the Kitchen/dining area

The buffet I painted & Distressed

While staying off my feet of which is driving me InSaNe in the Membrain!!!!!!!!  I decided to catch up on the marketing, Pinterest pins, photo albums, and all that MOM and HOuseWife stuff in between.  I played around with editing photos in Photoshop.  It didn't go so well on my first project..but I slowly gained patience and the photos started to look a little better towards the end of my editing project for the night.

This is my very first photo edit using photoshop.

Side/end table $85

The second editing project went MUCH BETTER!!  I'm actually In love with this photo!

Fancy Throw Pillow $20

And a few extra below

Dresser w/Mirror $375 Hardware & mirror are distressed

Cherub Decor $15.95 each

Mason Jar lighting is available for purchase for $15.95

 I know all you professional photographers are really cracking up at me right now....That's good.  Cuz I'm laughing at myself too.  Awe, it's all fun.  I love photo editing when I'm not pms'ing and in a good mood.  I know you know what I'm talking about.

Then here is the last photo for this blog.  It's my pride and craigslist find joy! She isn't for sale though...only available for rent.  It's a photographers dream photo prop, great home staging unit, and would make a lovely piece as a decor item for a wedding. 

You can email me here for pricing info:

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