Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking life by the horns while Romancing the junk...

It's been a put a "shizzle in your drizzle", hold your hat cuz it's too windy kinda weekend.  I finally got around to unloading my trailer today.  There was still a trailer load full, but not much left.  I think I'm going to put most of that stuff on sale...and get all my good stuff ready for the Junk Salvation show coming up the last weekend of April.

While I was in the middle of all that, plus dealing with my 3 year old....I managed to get a few things done.  I'm always itching to create something.  It's not always furniture.  I love making something, or drawing something...Just always have to be doing something.

I'm not much of a Pinterest FREAK.  And honestly I can't stand the question "Did you get that from Pinterest"?  Drives me crazy!  but I will admit.  I found something on there that really peaked my interest.  so I decided to try it and i LOVE it!!!

I first gathered a million of our canning mason jars.  Since I'm married to Old School handsome fool, we can our own vegtables and pickles.  So we always have jars laying around.  He even saves the picante sauce jars, pickle jars, jelly jars.  One thing I can't stand is he will wash them, and leave them on what small counter space we do have.  When he leaves for work, I normally just chunk them, cuz I can't stand clutter in my home. This time, I'm finally grateful he saves them.

I first wrapped each jar using raffia and any kind of lace I coud find.  Then I spray painted the jars with flat white paint.  I even used the colors Jade, and purple for fun.  White is my favorite.  Since I'm a romantic at heart...I could burn candles day and night all the time.  We put little tea lights in the candle holders and they were gorgeous.  My coffee table on my patio now homes 3 of them because they are just too dang pretty!

And as most OCD type peole are.  There is always some project that you have not started or finished that just lingers in your head over and over again.

I finally accomplished one of the 1 million of those projects today.  I've had this cow head that I purchased as a joke for my El Camino project.  It was hideous!  found it at an old lady's house on her porch while dropping my daughter off at school.  Anyways, I painted it white first..because my orginal plan was to cover it in lace and fabric.  Well after I took it every where with me, no one purchased it because the horn broke off.  so I had to bring it back home.  I finally tackled that piece today.

I fixed the horns and started to just splat some turquoise piant on it.  At first, I was just going to cover the horns...but decided to go all the way.  Then that lead to "oh I'll just add a little glitter" to using the hole jar of glitter.  Glitter on my hands, legs, body, feet, hair, face....and all over my work space.  But it was worth it.  So Now I've got this blingin bad AZZ cow head thing to sell to a lucky person.!  I'm thinking it would look awesome in a boutique some where!  What do you think?

And just for kicks.  here is the Before/after photo.

Until next time!

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  1. Strap those horns to the hood of a truck baby!