Friday, August 10, 2012

Talking all that TRASH with Junknista!

I was approached by Junknista out of Louisianna to do an interview.  I felt so honored.  And Important!  It's amazing how you never really realize how you impact or inspire people until out of no where, you get a call or email. 

Junknista asked me a few great questions.  I answered them.  I seemed to have rambled on a bit.  But I guess that is because I have so many stories to share.  I had a really great childhood.  And Adult life isn't so bad either. 

here is the link to the website.  You can read the entire interview here

this past week's projects consisted of a few chandeliers, a night stand, desk, chalkboard, table, dresser, a tall boy chest of drawers, some beach house furniture, and I'm still working on the organization of my work space that is coming along VERY WELL considering I am working in the heat hours out of the day.

Both chandeliers SOLD the same day I posted them on Facebook.

After I saved it with the GRACE of white paint, I then distressed it with some Martha Stewart Glaze and added some Crystals to it.  This small one SOLD for $100 to a customer in California.

Same technique for this BRASSy big one!  The power of white paint!  This monster sold for $225 to a local customer that will be installing it into her daughter's bedroom.

I made a few changes to my barn and it's slowly coming together as mentioned above.  here are a few pics of the somewhat finished space.

This is the BEFORE shop.  What an amazing work bench that just looks BLAH!  No fear Shabby Junque to the rescue. (looks so manly like it belongs in a Man cave)

So I went to Walmart (sigh) and purchased two khaki, twin size, flat sheets that cost $4.50 each. A curtain rod that was $17 and some cafe rod hooks that were $3.50 for a set of 14.  I added pink paint to the top of the unit (my favorite color), some baskets I found at Marshalls to organize my tulle, ribbons, glue, and some tools.  The rod holding all my ribbon above the unit was an old curtain rod I had out of my house.  I tied it with satin ribbon to make pretty little bows. I love vintage doors, so of course I used that, then some extra lamps I had laying around for extra lighting. sorry for my chair in the way, but I was sitting in it.  I will have another blog and better photograph once I complete everything.  The chandelier shown below is my pride and joy and is not for sale.

Last up this week was a BEFORE/AFTER project.  You can see below the changes that were made.  Everyone asks my technique, but honestly I can not answer that because I didn't realize I have a technique as I pick up my paint brush and just go with whatever happens.  I did add the cream colored frilly scrolls for fun.  This night stand now belongs to a customer and was placed in her daughter's room.


I sold those antlers on top there too.  You can find them in my ETsy shop.  The customer who purchased them, chose a metallic brown paint and I added glitter on them.  That pic will come in a later blog.  check out the AFTER of this stand.


WOWZA!!! I strive for LUSCIOUS!

And last but not the last except for this blog...are the tshirts, custom designed and MADE IN TEXAS USA!
These tshirts below you can purchase on my Etsy shop as well or email me at  Limited quanitities for the time being.

If you are a store or shop and wish to have your own tshirt design please contact my Sista friend Leigh at her Facebook sight .  Ask her about her website where you can buy individual tees online.  She specializes in custom orders and designs her own designs and does her own artwork too!  Out of her garage/studio.  Tell her Crystal At Shabby Junque Couture sent ya!  Gotta love Texas Women that know how to make do with what they got!  No overhead!  Woot!  " I don't gotta dime, but what I got is mine!"


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