Thursday, December 20, 2012

Surprise! RAndom Acts of KiNdNess situations here!

Because we are still alive.  As my good friend posted on her Facebook status "Jesus Christ: 1 Mayans: 0"  I somehow felt compelled to right this quick little story about my day.
I started off with an early rise from my fluffy and comfy bed.  Excited that I actually had energy to wake up this morning. (not a morning person), I began a routine of getting fancy.  I did my hair and make up and my daily Bible study.  After all that I realized time was just getting away from me.  With the "man of the house" yelling at me as I was trying to scoot my 4 year old son and I out the door.  I kept it in the back of my mind that I was not going to get angry or let that ruin my day!  After all, it's a few days before Christmas and it finally got cold here! Well at least for a day or so, then back into the 80's I'm sure we will go. So Onward I went into the City.  And it went a little something like this:
 Three Random Acts of Kindness I did today out of no where and expected nothing from doing so. As well as completely catching me by Surprise!
 First: while at an intersection a beautiful lady was running in the cold, windy air from car to car asking for donations to her ministry. She mentioned that she has a wonderful testimony. When she cane to my car. I already had the window rolled down and was smiling at her as she approached! I put some money in her bucket. Before i did so she told me how contagious my smile was!! I really wanted to hear her testimony. The light turned green. I was actually sad to leave this gorgeous woman! I might try and find her tomorrow and get her phone number even. Id like to buy this lady some hot chocolate!!   For the record, I don't always give to these peddlers, but for some odd reason something said I should. 
Second: I was starving and already at my hypoglycemia stage. Plus I had way too many caffeinated drinks this morning since I began this week, cutting the juice off at 1pm daily. I guess I feel the need to binge it before that cut off time comes?  So I headed to Chili's.  A tall man. Not super modelish, but probley some good marriage material as he was pretty striking in his own way. He sat me at my booth. Table for one please. I ordered a drink. He asked if i was ok because of how bad i was shaking and unfocused. I laughed and smiled. I told him i would like to order a beer cuz i had way too much caffeine in the a.m. and needed to calm down.   He chuckled and said "of course". I ordered a sandwich and a water. He never bothered me after that and i knew when he was scoping my glass from time to time to see if i needed a refill. I like it when the server does not bother me.  There is a reason I eat alone.  When you live in a house where everyone tries to talk over one another to get "MOM's" attention.  That lunch all alone is like a vacation on a hammock in Caribbean.  However, he checked on me once to see if I needed anything else towards the end of my meal.  He promptly brought me my ticket when I asked for it as well.  I left a decent tip on the merchant copy with my cc.  I went off to the restroom and was ready to finish my day.  My walk from the Ladies room to the front door of the Chili's turned into a quick, small, yet happy testimony.  I opened the door to leave..then all the sudden, turned around and walked back in.  I didn't see my waiter anywhere. so I asked the other server if she could fetch the fellow for me.  When he came out from the kitchen he looked at me like he was scared.  I then handed him some extra money and told him it was "something extra" and to  have a very Merry Christmas.  And weirdness as I never like people to hug me or touch me.  We hugged!  But it was a friendly gesture and it didn't feel awkward.  At that point I realized my fine fellow of a server wasn't interested in women at all..But things like that don't bother me!  Which made it even better.  It felt so good to hand him that extra cash out of my wallet.  It left my wallet empty.  But it just didn't bother me.  I was probley going to use it on something I didn't need anyways. 
Third:  If you are like me, you like to get your shopping done as quickly as possible.  I don't fool around when it comes to shopping because I can't stand it believe it or not. I realize my sense of fashion may otherwise fool you.  You know seeing they have so many different brands of scrubs and yoga pants. And my extremely ripped up Good Will buy Tees are the newest thing to hit the runways.  Me having a pretty easy going family when it comes to gifts at Christmas.  I normally can knock all that stuff out at 2 places!  Academy and Target!  Woot! It was a crazy windy day here.  I parked and got out of my SUV and was walking towards the entrance of the store.  When out came this lovely lady.  I don't know?  She was intriguing.  I thought to myself "wow she is so beautiful and I love her cute short haircut".  Instead of thinking it, as she and I passed one another.  I just blurted out like a dork "I LOVE Your Hair"!  and not expecting a response she said "THANKS, I LOVE YOURS TOO".  Well heck yeah that put a little skip in my giddy up!  That was so nice of her to exchange the friendly gesture.  You know how us women tend to stare one another down as we walk by one another.  I always wonder what someone that does that to me is thinking?  Is she thinking how disgusting I look or how cute my outfit is?  For Gosh sakes, if you like the ladie's outfit, just tell her.  Don't stare at her like a dog waiting for a bone or evil temptress ready to pounce! Just be kind and say it!
What a great and lovely day it was giving to all these wonderful people today.  too many negative things going on to dwell with.  It's not that I stick my head in the mud and hide from the bad and negativity of the world or people.  I just choose to focus on the good things and move forward.  you only get one life and you never know when the good Lord is going to call you home.  So make the best of it!
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