Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If you found $30,000 what would you do?

So it was a normal morning today.  Except I finally broke down and purchased a new SUV last night.  Which then lead to a long drive home and a great conversation with my 12 year old daughter.  We recapped on on our events and time in St. Louis at the Women's Conference.  She is so adorable!
On the way to school, we normally have it on Country or something like that.  Which usually consists of a lot of talking of nonsense.  My daughter switched it to K-LOVE and we got to listening.  After I dropped her off.  I headed to my son's pre-school to drop him off as usual.  Still on K-LOVE.  And Mandisa's song "Good Morning" came on!  yes, we were jammin' in the car!
After I dropped him off I headed to get my daily dose of caffeine.  And On the way a little story came on about this homeless man that found $30,000 while dumpster diving for magazines to turn into art.  which all of us in the junkin' business get a thrill out of dumpster diving for junk and know exactly what this man was doing.  Sure he could be homeless and acting pittiful on the side of the road peddling.  But what was he doing?  He was working.  He was doing what he had to do.  goes with the whole saying "do your best, and God will do the rest" act. 
I find it incredible that this man was looking for magazines to turn into art to sell.  He found a book and this book in the dumpster contained something that any homeless would run off with.  But read this story.  Find out what the man is doing with this money.  AMAZING!
Practice random act of kindness today!  God will Bless you.  Maybe not in the same day, but he will!!
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