Sunday, May 29, 2011

So far this is what I've got...

Hi there!  I'm so excited that you stopped to take a look.  I am flattered that you find me interesting enough to read this.  This is a new adventure for me, and I am so happy about it that I think I just may pee in my pants! 

Where would you like to start?  Ok...well let's do a little small talkin' here.

Born and raised in good ole South Texas.  Where you always knew everyone and you never missed the small town beauty shop Gossip or Church on Sunday Morning!  As a kid, you got to ride your bikes across town without worrying too much.  And you never missed a game of baseball in the empty lot with all the neighborhood kids.  Good Times and Great Memories! 

My parent's have been married to each other for 35 years.  My Dad is a professional coon hunter.  Yes, that does exist.  He works full time in the maintenance department at some company that makes fish aquarium supplies.  He's fixing to retire.  He says he is excited about it.  My mom still works everyday and loves her job very much.  I get all my creativity and talented side from her.  She too enjoys hunting coons with my Dad and they travel all over the US to do so.  My Dad took home the championship title of winning the State hunt this last fall.  All in All, I guess I get my good looks from my Momma, and my rebel side from my Dad.  Both were born and raised in a small town in TEXAS, with large families and good family values.  So it's instilled in me I guess?  You can read the article on my Dad here David Walpole (until I can download a pic of him)
My Momma and I in '07

Fast Forward to now...and gosh it's a crazy life isn't it?  I'm assuming you could all relate?  Kids, money, work, jobs, ect, ect...all leading to lots of stress!  But in the end, we are all grateful for what's in front of us.  Which leads me to this: 

I am the Mother of two beautiful kids.  My first born is Miss Beda. She is incredibly intelligent, sharp, and Sassy. Don't try to sneak things around her because she'll catch you before you know it.  She is turning out to be such a gorgeous little number. ( I really can't say where she gets her good looks from???? ; ) ).  This child has never back talked me, and she always comes to her Momma's bed when it thunders.  She loves Fashion, art, FFA, softball, her ipod, Dancing, and shopping! There never was a handbook to tell you how to raise a daughter, but I sure am glad God blessed me with one. 

My second born is Mr. Gunnar. He's 2 years old. 
Such a handsome man.  He will definitely be a ladie's man one day.   I'm loving the age he is now.  Having a Toddler boy keeps you on your toes!! He is super smart and can chat up a conversation.  He loves his puppies, Guns, fishing, trucks, and of course tractors and dirt.  He's going to be my big help.  He enjoys being with me while working in the yard and all my projects.  I even let him paint some times.  I feel so blessed to have been able to give my husband a Son.

My children are 9 years apart.  So living in the house with a Tween and then a Toddler has it's challenges.   Such as, being the pretend horse and dancing to preschool music, then in the same minute having to download some Lady Gaga song or answer a txt. I'm challenged every day, but I'm surviving.  And it tends to bring the so called "crazies" out in me every now and then.  I'm more than happy to be the Mother of a little boy and Girl.  They both have so much to offer me.

I'm an Auntie to some amazing kiddos too.  My Brother and his wife are my neighbors and it's nice to have that kind of security.  Especially since he is a professional cop! 
Then there is my husband.  he's your typical country boy.  He doesn't know a thing about fashion, technology, and today's modernness.  But he's hard working, smart, enjoys fishing, hunting, sports..and all that "man" stuff.  He is a full time Fire Fighter and we have a construction company.  Sometimes I have to keep after him as I do with my children. You know how they say Men never grow up?  Ha, ha...  He is very stubborn and he and I butt heads quite often..but from what I understand he puts up with a lot of my mess.  So I guess he is worth keeping around for now.  : )

Alright, enough of all that.  Let's get to the reason why I am here right now.  My name is Crystal Wiatrek and I am the CEO of  Endlessly Fabulous Design.  It's a pretty small company.  We have..Oh One employee.  That would be me.  So What am I doing here?  Well, I've decided to create a blog to showcase some of my creations, trash -to-treasure projects, and design work.  In all Honesty, to try and get hired by some more great people out there too.  It's all Freelance Design work done by me and only me.  Even the dirty work of digging trenches.  I do not have employees or a large LLC, Inc, or corp.  It's a hobby that I take very serious and enjoy deeply with quite a bit of passion (I have a lot of that to offer).  Basically, I work on projects for clients in the South Texas area, San Antonio, Austin, and Coastal region (helps for that tan).  All my projects are done here at my home in my Garage, on my patio, or where ever I can find space.  I haven't decided to go global as of yet just because my kids are still small and they need their Momma!  However, I will never turn down a vacation or trip if you would like to offer that sort of thing to me?  Even if it involves me having to work.

 I will be posting before and after photos of my work.  The blog may end up being a daily or weekly thing.  Just whenever I feel like sharing.  If you get annoyed by the blog post, just don't read it or unsubscribe to the blog.  As far as prices or price bids.  I will be happy to do that for you.  Right now, I'm just enjoying purchasing the items, creating them, and then selling them to you or to stores.  If you happen to have a piece of furniture, a room,  or flower garden that you would like for me to look at, I will be happy to do so.  Keep in mind, I'm a junky kinda girl, so all my items are mostly vintage finds that I turn into beautiful pieces of work.  I don't buy expensive imported pieces.  Everything is either from the Flea markets, antique shows, vintage shops, yard sales, auctions, and off the side of the road.

I'm fun, spunky, whimsy, gawdy, sometimes very loud,  and too much to handle for more than one person. I like to wear my cowboy boots with my cut offs and my sassy dresses. I'm big into hairbows, big earrings, hair flowers, and just anything that looks fun....kinda like the fun hats the British wear.   I've even been known to have big hair a time or two.  Pretty much a girl that loves pink, shabby chic, and some hunting and fishing too.   Let's not forget baseball and traveling the country.  Especially the south such as GA.  Where the Hydrangeas grow like the Huisache in TX.  It's me, and I don't want to change, and I won't change.  I like to laugh, be sarcastic, and silly.  Since I spend 95% of my time with my kids and two dogs.  I've kinda started lacking on the Webster Dictionary Grammar and spelling.  And I have yet to download a Thesaurus app on my phone (and I know some of you have that). 

 I'm at a point in my life where I want to have fun with this kinda thing and not be all serious about it.(talking about the blogging)   I spent 10 years behind a desk as a Land Survey Technician.  I really loved that job.  I've enjoyed being an assistant several times.  It's always fun to organize someone Else's life.  I do offer an excellent resume.  But my calling was to be a Mom, and so Mom it is.  Let's not forget personal assistant to the husband, housekeeper, yard keeper, maintenance, cook, dry cleaner, Psychiatrist, nurse, ect, ect, ect!!!! 
Anyways, if this is your kinda thing or style, please email me or subscribe to my blog.  You can also find me on Facebook.  And Please remember i am here to have fun. This is where I am able to express my true side! 
(make sure to read all "my fine print" in another blog) 

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